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Play Free Online Games

Welcome to OllyGames, the easiest and quickest way to play free online games.

It makes us, the creators of OllyGames, very proud to be able to welcome you to our online gaming site. We have been working around the clock to ensure that you can enjoy the full catalogue of our many, many games in your browser, no matter what gender or age you are, or if you prefer to play free online games on your smartphone, your tablet, or your computer.

All of our games are based on HTML5 technology. This enables anyone with a modern browser and an internet connection to have fun and play free online games - anytime they want. Feel like playing from the back-seat of a car, in a moving train or perhaps while flying? No problem!

Play Free Online Games at OllyGames.com

In order to make it easier for you to explore and find new, fun games for you to play, we have assigned all of our games one or more game categories. Since it may not be obvious what each category is about, a short description and an examples of each category now follows.

As with all good adventures, let's start with the beginning.


Ah, the classics! This category is all about the types of games that have helped contribute to making gaming what it is today. Without these games, there would be no easy-to-play free online games at all! The category includes such games as Smarty Bubbles, which is based on Taito's timeless classic game Puzzle Bobble. But of course, there is much more to the category than that! Check out our Classic games now - they're based on time-tested principles, so you're guaranteed to have some fun!


Are you just as crazy about sports as you are about playing games? Well, then the Sports category is exactly what you need. Whether you are a huge football fan, a racing aficionado or just plain in love with golf, this category is bound to have just the games you need. You will find such games as Burnin' Rubber, an absolutely crazy racing game, where you have to get to the finish line, avoiding crashing into the obstacles on the track and shooting any cars that may block your way with your weapon of choice. Sound fun to you? Check out our sports games.


Got hidden ambitions to be a general? Ever wanted to be the commander of a giant army? Feel like punishing your opponent in a thrilling game of Chess? Got an obsession with telling dragons what to do? If that's the kind of thing you're into, we suggest that you take a look at our selection of Strategy games.


Everybody loves a good thrill, right? If excitement is what you crave, look no further; the Action category is what you're looking for. Feel like fending off an alien attack, diving with sharks or going all ninja on your pizza? Find the games that you need in the Action category. We promise that they'll get your pulse up.


Feel like getting drawn in by a good mystery? Looking to get your wits challenged? Check out our Puzzle category! We've got plenty of brain-crunching fun for you to exercise your grey matter with. Sudoku, math challenges, trivia, no matter how difficult woes you desire, you name it, we've got it! Puzzled? Play free online games today.


The Arcade category needs no introduction. Does the sight of a game arcade make you feel all nostalgic? Miss the musty smell of your favorite game hall? Well, step right up to the machine! Olly has been out looking for just the kind of games that bring out that happy, fuzzy feeling in you!

Girls / Kids

Feeling particularly girly today? Maybe you just feel like playing something that takes you back to when you were younger? We've done our best to categorize our games according to who we believe is the intended audience. Perhaps the Girls or Kids category has exactly what you need. In that, case, it'd be a shame to miss out. Check out our page: online games for kids

Get started now!

Playing free online games has never been easier! To join in on the fun, just follow these three steps:

  1. 1. Create a user
  2. 2. Select the game you want to play
  3. 3. Play free online games. Yes, it's that easy!

Play Free Online Games That You Like

Play Free Online Games That You Like

Rate Our Games

You can help us improve our site, and all we need is your opinion! By creating a user, you can contribute to making sure only the best free online games are suggested to the other OllyGames users! Select either thumbs up or thumbs down from the game menu after you've played the game, and your thoughts on the matter are automatically registered with us. If you change your mind about the game later, just click the other thumb! It's never too late to change your mind when you play free online games.

New Games

Think you'll be getting bored of our game selection? Nonsense! Of course, Olly never rests! He's always on the lookout for new games to add to his selection, but of course, he won't just let *any* game in. Before presenting a new game to you, all new game candidates are thoroughly tested by our professional game testers, and the particularly interesting ones are even given a full review in our blog.

In short, we'll make sure that our game universe always is expanding, so you'll never run out of new, fun games to play. We're always looking to improve our site!

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Exclusive access to our Premium-only games. All new games are made accessible to Premium members before the general public, so if you want to play free online games before everyone else, sign up now!

Premium members get prioritized customer support. We appreciate your support very much. In fact, we appreciate it so much that you're always first in line when we handle any customer support issues.

Sound interesting? You can sign up directly on our site, using any major credit card. Of course, you can also cancel your subscription here if you ever feel like you don't feel like being a Premium member anymore.

Online Games at your Will

So, what are you waiting for? It's fun, it's convenient, it's available any time you want, and it's never been easier to play free online games. We would really love it if you became one of us, here at OllyGames.com.

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The OllyGames Team

The team behind OllyGames is always working to improve the OllyGames experience. We just love helping people play free online games. We've got a squad of good people working on getting new games, writing blog articles, managing the servers, helping customers, drawing Olly and his friends, listening and developing new ideas, and so on. The work we do can usually be put into one of the four following categories, which we'd like to tell you a little about.

Research and Development

This is where the magic happens - however, when things are going as they should, you really shouldn't notice them at all. At other times, our Archwizard may pop out from his lair. In any case, our in-house Wizards are always doing something behind the scenes. Sometimes, that means working on new ideas, some ours, some submitted by our beloved users. Other times, that means managing the array of technology that makes it possible to keep OllyGames in the Æther.

Customer Service

We understand that it's important to listen to our users. That's why we have a passionate and dedicated support staff, that is always ready to listen to your woes. Any problem, large or small, their job is to listen and help. Naturally, listening and helping can be many things. Got something you need to get off your chest? The support team is the best, so put them to the test! We want your thoughts, so don't be shy.


There is always room for more people at OllyGames, so we want to spread the word about us. For that purpose, we have the marketing people. These guys live anywhere it's possible to get public exposure, and not just because they're attention horses. They're so likeable, they draw people in just by their presence. Also, see all them fancy graphics? They probably came from the marketing division. The Wizards sure didn't make them, ha!


We like to pretend that these guys don't exist, but they do. We have managers. Eugh. They don't have any sort of creativity or individual thought, they just run things. We prefer to work with fun people, but you know, someone has to keep track of all the ratings, sales and such, right? So that's what they do. Our management staff makes sure that none of our precious numbers aren't what they're supposed to, and they think they make the decisions that keep the site running, so you can continue to play free online games.

Did we miss something?

We're always open to suggestions. In fact, we love suggestions! If you feel like a game is missing on our site, fictional or real, feel free to contact us through the help center. If we feel that the idea is good enough, it may just be the next new game on our site.

Are you a game developer? Did you make a game that you want people to see? Would you like your game featured on our site? We would love to showcase your game. We will review your game and make it playable on OllyGames. Of course, you get all the credit, and we'll make sure to send people your way. We just want to enable people to play free online games.

Of course, missing things are not just limited to games. Anything that you feel should be a part of our site, probably should be a part of our site, so pretty please with sugar on top write us and tell us about it. It may just be a random impulse, it could be the idea for our next on-site mini-game. Perhaps you feel like Olly needs a new companion?

Contact us!

Feeling competitive?

Many of our games have a score function!

Isn't it boring to only compete with yourself? If you're feeling like challenging someone, why not challenge your friends? Tell your friends about OllyGames, and compete in one of our many score-based games, so you can show your friends that you are the best player in the neighbourhood. Maybe they would also like to play free online games?

Conveniently enough, we have included buttons which make it easier to share your OllyGames experience with others. You can find them right under this section.

OllyGames - an awesome place to be!

So, what do you think? Ready to have fun and play free online games?

Give OllyGames a spin. We have games for all ages, regardless if you're male or female. Play some games with us and the other Olly-fans. Seriously, we promise that you will not regret it. In fact, you do not even need to sign up in order to play our games. But we sincerely hope that you will be happy enough with out services to join the flock.

We are social!

We believe that fun experiences are meant to be shared!

We'll share information about new games, features and the like, so please follow us where you'd like!