100 Golf Balls: It’s Not Really Golf

100 Golf Balls: It’s Not Really Golf

If you were expecting to see some Tiger Woods action when you booted up this game, chances are you were severely disappointed. 100 Gold Balls is anything but a game based on the sport. Perhaps the only thing that really ties it to the sport is the presence of golf balls (obviously) and the featured golf cart. But don’t be dissuaded by that initial disappointment: 100 Golf Balls is actually less boring than the actual sport. (Admit it. Golf is one of the more boring sports.)

Lots of golf balls to drop around

100 Golf Balls doesn’t even feature a golf club, if you don’t count the background image. The interface of the game is a bit unusual, at least compared to other browser games. There are three features that the gameplay revolves round: the golf balls, the golf cart, and the holes on the ground. Your main goal is to drop the golf balls into the holes, which are rotating. Each golf ball that successfully drops into a hole registers a point. You will get a game over if you allow a certain number of holes to pass by without being blessed with at least one golf ball or if the golf balls run out.

The golf balls are separated into two stacks: the ones that are in play and the ones that are on stand-by. The golf balls in play are the ones that drop into the ground upon tapping the screen. Any golf ball that does not make it to the hole are forfeited and then replaced by the ones from the golf balls on stand-by. For example, if four balls don’t make it to the hole, four balls will automatically deduct from the stand-by stack and take their place. The gameplay does not stop as all of that takes place, however. The golf balls that do make it to their destination are then picked up by the golf cart and are then returned back to in-play status.

High scores versus set scores

There are two modes in 100 Golf Balls: one is the typical mode where the only goal is to top your high score and the other is also the typical mode that consists of level progression. For the purpose of this game review, the modes will be referred to as High Score Mode and Set Score Mode.

In the High Score Mode, you will be given the full 100 golf balls to utilize at the start. The goal is to simply drop as many golf balls as you can into the holes and score points. As you progress, differently-colored holes will pop up. Golf balls that successfully drop into these said colored holes also change into the same color of the holes, and then they become worth more points every time you successfully drop them into succeeding holes. Their effects will be permanent unless you miss. The Set Score Mode, as its name implies, requires you to only get a certain number of points. After doing so, the game automatically ends and you advance to the next level. There are a lot of levels to go through, with the required number of points displayed at the top of each level icon.

While the gameplay of 100 Golf Balls is nowhere near the actual sport, its unusual gameplay more than makes up for it. It actually offers more excitement and requires you to be constantly in action as opposed to the actual sport’s slow pace.

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