1212! A Puzzling Kind of Fun

1212! A Puzzling Kind of Fun

2048 and 1010! are two of the most popular puzzle games today. And if those two games ever got married and had a baby, 1212! would probably be the offspring. 1212! obviously has the appearance of 2048 and the simple yet addicting gameplay of 1010!, and fans of that kind of gameplay will surely find this game easy.

Something along the line

1212! is played on a 12x12 grid and you are given three pieces at a time that you can use. Once you’ve used the three pieces given at the side of the grid, three more pieces will appear. The goal of this game is to form a vertical or horizontal line composed of twelve blocks to be able to remove them from the grid. The colors of the pieces don’t matter as long as you form the vertical or horizontal lines. You receive points based on how many lines you remove at once. So if you want to earn more points, you don’t just simply make a straight line. You can strategize your placement of the pieces in a way that multiple lines can be formed and then you get much bigger points.

You must always have a lot of space in the grid for you to be able to continue placing pieces. Because if there is no space left and you still have pieces on the side, the game will be over. So not only should you aim to form the lines, you should also make sure that you place the pieces in a way that they won’t take up too much space: Because a wrong placement of a piece can cost you the game unless you can remove it by forming a line alongside it.

A flashy addition

Though 1212! may be similar to 1010! in terms of gameplay, there is a new feature in 1212! that you cannot see in 1010! This is the addition of colored flashing pieces. These pieces can be placed on top of pieces already in the grid and will cause those pieces to be removed instantly without even forming a line. These flashing pieces can be really useful when you don’t have much space in the grid anymore and you want to remove some pieces to free up some space. But it would be wise not to rely on them all the time because they aren’t exactly generous in their appearances, so it’s much better to just think of them as a bonus and not plan your strategy around them. When they really do appear, there are times when there’s more than one of them, and this can really be helpful if you are really aiming to get the highest score possible.

Same old, same old

When you look at it, 1212! is just really another puzzle game with similar gameplay as other games. But puzzle games take their charm in being able to provide entertainment using a repetitive gameplay mechanic. If you enjoyed 2048 and 1010! or you just generally love puzzle games, then it will be worth your time to check out this game. The gameplay mechanics may be familiar, but the additional features certainly make up for it.

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