A Fantastic Way to Showcase Your Soccer Skills

A Fantastic Way to Showcase Your Soccer Skills

Like basketball, soccer (or football, depending on your country) is one of the most popular team sports in the world. So, it’s not surprising that those annual FIFA video games are a reliable source of profit for the developers. But even if you’re a die-hard soccer fan, those games can still take a while to get used to. If you’re looking to simply kick some soccer balls like penalty shots with nothing but the goalkeeper between you and the goal, then SoccerTastic may be the game you are looking for.

The ball is in your control

In SoccerTastic, you don’t have to do anything fancy to get the ball flying towards the goal post. All you have to do is swipe at the ball and it’s off the grass. Of course, doing a straight up swipe of the ball towards the goal post is a guaranteed miss because you can’t really expect the goalkeeper to be that stupid. To produce better results, you can make the ball go in a curved trajectory by swiping the ball in a similar curved motion. That will make the ball either too high or too far for the poor goalkeeper to reach. But you also run the risk of the ball going way off the mark. The speed of the ball also depends on how fast you swipe at the screen (i.e. a slower swipe will barely reach the goal area).

After a few trials, you’ll also notice that you can actually influence the direction of the ball after you’ve kicked it. You have a split-second chance to make it abruptly change directions on the fly which will confuse the goalkeeper. Such a thing can’t be replicated in real life, of course. Although there are some kicks that make the ball change directions mid-air, but not in the way presented in the game. It’s up to you if you want to employ this unrealistic tactic, though.

The difficulty spike

SoccerTastic doesn’t really involve anything other than repeatedly kicking the ball towards the goal post. But it does have a few perks that makes the extremely simple gameplay less boring and more challenging. Every time you reach a certain amount of points the difficulty goes up, which is represented by levels. Each level makes the goalkeeper more formidable and harder to go through. And in case you don’t pay much attention to the statistics on your screen, you’ll be notified by the rise in difficulty when the goalkeeper’s uniform changes in color.

When you reach higher levels, a big green target circle will appear within the goal post. Hitting the target circle as you score a goal will net you more points than the usual. The positioning of the target circles varies. It can be in the secluded corners of the goal post or even directly behind the goalkeeper. In much higher levels, the target circles will begin to move around, making it much more difficult to hit.

Despite the game’s simplicity, it still holds an addicting charm that can even make you frustrated when the goalkeeper is on a blocking streak. The good news is that the game is only played out in a 90-second timeframe, after which the level resets and you can have another go at your best score.

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