A Shadowy Endless Runner

A Shadowy Endless Runner

Do you want to enjoy a simple endless runner game without all the fancy graphics and visuals? Then this is the game you are looking for. Kiba & Kumba: Shadow Run is as simple as any past-time browser game can get. There are two characters to choose from, Kiba and Kumba, who you can only recognize based on their silhouettes, but it’s safe to assume that one is a girl and one is a boy. After choosing your character, you will be shown the instructions on how to play the game. Although you can probably grasp the controls without even reading the instructions, so don’t worry too much if you skipped it.

Just your familiar runner game, but sideways

In the game, you will be running along a continuous solid platform with raised columns of different length and width, some stuck on the ground, some floating through air, and some hanging from the top. The idea is to jump across these structures as smooth as possible as you go along so as not to get delayed. One tap is enough to jump once when encountering smaller or shorter structures, while a double tap is for higher and longer jumps on air to get by bigger structures. Aside from these structures, you also have to overcome and jump across gaps of different sizes to get to the other side. Needless to say, falling off from them will immediately result in a game over.

A failed run is also caused by hitting on structures and not being able to redeem your jump fast enough to follow the moving screen. Every delayed jump causes the character to set his or her position back towards the left side of the screen which would make it harder for the character to effectively prepare for the next jumps. The screen is continuously moving and the character is on continuous running movement so there is no way to stop and slowly prepare for a jump. In short, it’s just your regular endless runner game played out in 2D platforms.

As you go further along, you will be encountering white stars either in one line or in big heaps. You collect these stars simply by running through them. The game runs in a continuous pace through different levels and you only have a few seconds to run without any obstacles, except for the bonus white stars, before you see the sign on the screen that indicates the following level. The further you go in the game results in a higher score. And, of course, the white stars aren’t just for display; they net you additional points, too.

Extremely simple, gameplay-wise and graphics-wise

Moreover, the game is on a one-attempt basis whereby you only have one chance of completing it, which means there are no multiple lives. After failing on one attempt, you will be led back to the very start of the game with a starting score of zero and then do everything again without any form of incentives or bonuses.

The simplicity of Kiba & Kumba: Shadow Run starts from its visual features. As the supporting title suggests, the figures are plain black, save from the white stars and the orange backdrop with silhouettes of trees and other plant life on it. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, though; the game can be quite difficult if taken lightly.

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