Be a Dragon Tamer in My Little Dragon!

Be a Dragon Tamer in My Little Dragon!

Dragons are mythical creatures that only live in people’s imaginations. According to books, movies, and drawings, they are a picture of majestic awesomeness. However, despite the image of power they present, they can be cute and adorable, too, but only during their infancy because you wouldn’t really call something with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and has the ability to breathe fire as something cute, would you? My Little Dragon gives you both the chance to take a good look at a dragon during its cute days and to take care of it.

How to Train Your Dragon?

Now, before you get all too excited, My Little Dragon doesn’t exactly end with you sending it off to battle or something. (That would have been cool, though.) The entire gameplay simply revolves around you taking care of your dragon the way you would take care of your pet dog or cat.

The game is presented in four different screens (or rooms): Main, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Games. You can do different types of activities in each screen. Taking care of your baby dragon involves giving it enough sleep, feeding it when it’s hungry, giving it a bath when it’s dirty, providing medicine when it’s sick and playing with it to keep it happy and engaged. And all of which can be done by switching to the different screens. For example, the Main screen is where you would go if you want to give your dragon some sleep or if you want to dress up your dragon with some clothing (yes, clothes). There are four parameters that show you whether your dragon needs sleep, food, play time, and its overall life. It’s your job to always keep those parameters up.

Shopping for your dragon

Feeding and dressing up you dragon requires you to buy food and clothes (duh). You can access their separate shops in their respective screens. There are a lot of items to choose from – the clothes even have different sub-categories. If your dragon is sick, though, you can directly buy a medicine in the Bathroom screen. However, to do all of those, you need money, naturally. And that’s where the Games screen comes in.

Games within the game

The Games screen gives you access to different mini-games that your dragon can participate in. So it’s like there are games within the game itself (Inception!). Some of the games include an endless runner with your dragon flying in the sky; a racing-like game where you must avoid crashing into another dragon; and even a Flappy Bird-like game. Playing the games rewards you with the money you need to properly take care of your dragon, most especially the food items. And playing the games also keeps your dragon happy, so it’s a win-win scenario all the way.

If you’re one of those who are a bit scared of dragons due to their ferocious looks, then My Little Dragon just might be the game that will help change your perception about them. Of course, the game doesn’t really count as a simulation since nobody (that we know of, anyway) has had the chance to really take care of a real breathing dragon, baby or not.

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