Be Entangled in the Web of Love

Be Entangled in the Web of Love

We all know that spiders are one of the most hideous and one of the scariest living things feared by many people right? Seriously, chances are your entire family is afraid of the little buggers. But have you ever seen a spider desperately look for his loved one? Well, in this game you will get the chance to see them in their desperate search for their loved one. Web of Love will change how you feel about these hideous creatures with its romantic and fun gameplay.

Help Mr. Spidey by controlling him to get to the love of his life, Mrs. Spidey. If you love puzzle, thinking, and analyzing games, then this is a game that will sit well with you!

Cuteness Overload!

Prepare to suffer a cuteness overload in the game’s cute and adorable aesthetics. The game’s cute and pleasant gameplay will definitely change the way you look at those icky and hideous insects that we are all afraid of (this can never be stressed enough). Each of the characters in the game are made to mesmerize and hypnotize you with their cuteness, making you forget you once tried to kill a real one the other day.

Harder than it looks

The main objective in the game is that you have to reach your loved one through obstacles throughout the game. It is an unusual puzzle game wherein you have to think and analyze your way to reach your loved one because you are given a limited amount of steps and limited amount of food. As you progress throughout the game, the puzzles and the level naturally become more and more difficult. The levels of the game will test your logical and thinking skills as you progress. And so will your patience and ability to think in pressure.

I feel so entangled!

By controlling Mr. Spidey, you have to reach your sweetheart my clicking on the leaf to move closer to her. However, there is a catch: You can only step on a leaf once, so you have to think a lot before clicking a leaf. Another quirk is that your steps are limited depending on the number of food that you have. You are given a limited amount of food in the beginning of the level and your aim is to get enough food to have more steps to go. They are sort of your gasoline.

You can get food by feeding on insects available throughout the level. The food you get depends on the insect that you ate and you can get a minimum of 5 foods (from a fly) and a maximum of 10 foods (from a worm). The score in the game depends how fast you are able to reach your loved one because your score decreases gradually as the time passes; however, you can get more points by feeding on lady bugs given in a level.

There are different obstacles and twists throughout the game depending on the level. Encountering a yellow leaf requires you to get water to be able to get through them and encountering a trampoline allows you to jump on them to get to a leaf. The game gets a lot more confusing as you progress throughout the game so you have to be careful and mindful of your parameters. But it will all be worth it once you see the spiders reunite with each other.

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