Be the Champion in Snowball Champions

Be the Champion in Snowball Champions

Prepare to experience the winter in Snowball Champions! Or at least feel like winter is here again if you’re one of those who hate the scorching summer heat. Do you like blasting people with snowballs to your heart’s content? If yes, then be prepared to blast a lot of people in this game with no hesitation! If you like shooting games, then this game will provide you with a lot of fun. By using your accuracy, precision, and shooting skills you can dominate throughout the game. But be careful: The game can be quite addicting, whether you really do love snowball fights or not.

The game includes a different set of unlockable characters (elves, Santa, Vikings, etc.). You can purchase them with the coins you collect throughout the game. The mechanics are a bit similar to Angry Birds where you shoot the snowball and wait for it to hit someone. When the snowball comes to a halt, you can fire it back again in a similar way. The higher the level, the more challenging and the more addicting the game becomes. Because deep inside us, there is that level of satisfaction we get whenever we overcome something challenging, no matter how silly or shallow it is.

Take them out one by one

The main task in the game is to eliminate your enemies (or are they just your competitive friends?) in a limited time. You can add more time by eliminating your enemies, so it’s a win-win situation for you. One enemy taken down gives you additional three seconds. The less time you complete the game, the higher the trophy you can attain. If you are having a little trouble finding your enemies, no need to worry because the coins that you can collect also act as a guide to your enemies. Winning the earlier levels is an easy task but as you progress through the game, there are different obstacles that will pop up. So, it’s not a straight-up shootout with nothing to hinder you.

Approach the game in two ways

There are two modes in the game: single player and multiplayer modes. In the single player mode, your task is simple: Shoot all the enemies within the given set amount of time. You can purchase extra time with fifty coins if you ever need it, although it would be in your best interest to just save the coins for purchasing the unlockable goodies. Single player mode is the typical level progression mode.

Multiplayer mode pits two opposing groups against each other and then takes turns blasting each other away with the snowballs. There are no coins in multiplayer mode, so you only have to worry about taking out enemies. You can pass around your allies to get a better angle and a better chance of hitting the opposing group. The gameplay of Snowball Champions is not that fast-paced, unless you can dish out those snowballs in rapid succession, but it is nevertheless entertaining and, as mentioned before, addicting. Give Snowball Champions a go and you will find yourself lost in the snowball battle very quickly due to its simple charm.

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