Bubble-popping Hamsters, Bubble Hamsters!

Bubble-popping Hamsters, Bubble Hamsters!

Don’t you just love the cuteness of hamsters? In Bubble Hamsters, you get to indulge in the cuteness of these furry creatures by helping them pop the bubbles! Plus: They also to talk in cute little voices as you play the game. However, the hamsters are not the center of attention in Bubble Hamsters: the bubbles are. The goal is to clear the bubbles at the top by shooting a certain color of bubble from the bottom to a group of bubbles with the same color at the top. Note that only three or more group of bubbles can only be cleared. Once you clear all the bubbles, you advance to the next level.

“Hitting two birds with one stone”

If you are familiar with that clichéd saying, this game is very much like that, except that there are no stones or birds involved, but only bubbles. As you start a level, you can see a large number of bubbles located at the top, and a single bubble placed in a sort bubble shooter at the bottom. Next to this shooter is another object which holds the next bubble that you will be shooting afterwards. Now, the main goal, as mentioned above, is shoot the colored bubble to a bubble or a group of bubbles with the same color at the top. It may sound easy, but the tricky part is the aiming. But do not worry because there’s an aiming assistant, or more specifically a dotted guide that can help you aim much better at the bubbles. As the time passes, a new group of bubbles will appear at the top making the number of bubbles increase. The game will be over once the bubbles reach the broken horizontal line.

Unlock a level, unlock a hamster

Now, you don’t call this game ‘Bubble Hamsters’ if there is only one hamster in the game, because it would only be called Bubble Hamster (singular) if that was the case. There are seven hamsters all in all in the game, six of which can only be unlocked by reaching a certain level in the game. These hamsters are dressed differently and have their own level of cuteness in them. Though they don’t serve any purpose in the game, they can be quite the charmers that bring this game to a whole new level of cuteness.

Points of interest

Clearing a group of bubbles is fun, especially when there’s a point for every bubble you clear. The higher number of bubbles you clear, the higher points you’ll get. You also get extra points if you successfully clear a group of bubbles one after another. Once you reach the goal number of points for each level, the next bubble you will shoot is a special bubble that has a star in the middle, think Dragon Ball but with a bigger star, and this bubble will clear all of the remaining bubbles at the top, making you advance to the next level.

I’m taking you down with me!

The bubbles you intend to clear can also be very important as you play the game because if the bubbles you intend to clear are placed above another group of bubbles, those bubbles will also be cleared if you hit your intended bubbles successfully, making it easier to hit the other bubbles since there are only a few left.

Bubble Hamster is a game that plays out similarly to other games in its genre, only made more attractive with the presence of the cute little hamsters.

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