Build Your Estate by Uncovering Hidden Stuff

Build Your Estate by Uncovering Hidden Stuff

So, the premise of the game goes like this: A woman presumably wins the lottery and decides the first order of business is to purchase a grand mansion. She calls up a real estate agent and purchases a large, worn-down mansion near the woods (or at least that’s what it looks like). The woman, who is left unnamed in the game, then decides to turn the worn-down mansion into the stuff of her dreams. These are all assumptions, though, since no dialog is present during the game’s intro.

Clean your property and earn some money

Hiddentastic Mansion is a simple point-and-click game wherein the primary goal is to look for items hidden within a large pile of other things. The areas are based on your estate, like the garage and the kitchen. Each level presents you with a certain number of items that you must look for, with each item earning you a set amount of money. If you’re fast enough and finish the task within 10 seconds, you gain a whopping $2000! The items are given in batches of 5 and a new set of items are assigned every time you finish each batch. And yes, the bonus money also resets for every batch. Each level, or area, holds 2 or 3 batches of items, giving you plenty of chances to go for that bonus money.

The money you earned can be used to upgrade areas in your estate such as the gate and the barn (or is it a warehouse?). The ultimate goal, as mentioned above, is to renovate the estate. The price for each upgrade is quite large, though, so you’ll most likely go through each level repeatedly.

A good game to practice observation skills

If you’re thinking that the game is just a child’s game, think again. The items are actually very well-placed around the area and a lot of them require a good amount of squinting from your eyes. Most of them are either hidden in places where they can be seen only partially or blended with the other items. It’s not uncommon to spend a good minute or so looking for an item that has been right in front of you all along. But don’t worry, though. The game has a Hint option that will give you a helping hand whenever you’re stuck. Using it will cost you money, so it’s a good idea to only utilize it whenever you’re starting to get headaches.

And if you’re planning on just clicking randomly on the screen whenever you get stuck, know that there’s a penalty for doing so. Every time you click on the wrong item, you will lose money. It’s only a small amount, but if you use it continuously it’ll add up to a large chunk of money deducted from you.

The assigned items are randomized every time you re-enter an area. But you’ll most likely memorize the locations after completing a certain area a dozen times or so. Still, the placements of the items are quite tricky, so expect to still get stuck on a few of the items, especially those that are in the background. If you’re looking to hone your observation skills, Hiddentastic Mansion provides a good practice for couple of hours or so.

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