Can’t Get Enough of Sudoku? Give This One A Go!

Can’t Get Enough of Sudoku? Give This One A Go!

So you’ve burned through all your newspapers and finished multiple Sudoku booklets but you still have that hunger to conquer all available Sudoku puzzles? Maybe this time you need to go digital to fully get your Sudoku appetite satisfied. Lucky for you, Sudoku Classic is just a few clicks away!

If you’re already aware of Sudoku’s core mechanics, then you can skip this part and move on to the next section. Sudoku is a number-based puzzle game played out in a 9x9 grid composed of nine smaller 3x3 grids. The goal in the game is to fill out the grids so that all rows, columns, and the smaller 3x3 grids contain the numbers 1 to 9. No number must appear twice in those patterns. The grids start out with a few numbers already revealed and each puzzle has only one possible, unique solution. Playing the game is easy enough; it’s solving the puzzles that’ll give you headaches.

Multiple interface options

Sudoku Classic’s layout is presented in a simple Japanese-looking design, making the game really look like a thinking game instead of some colorful puzzle game. The grid and the numbers are neatly displayed, so your eyes can easily process the playing field. You can choose from two options on how you want to place numbers on the grids: Either by clicking the numbers and selecting the grids you want them in or by clicking the grids and selecting the number. The former is the more efficient if you already have a good idea on how the other grids will be affected. The option can be changed anytime in the options. Your game is also timed so you can keep track of how long it took you to solve it.

If you want to undo your moves, you can simply double-click on the placed number. And there’s also a handy option that allows you to temporarily mark grids with numbers. It’s a great help when trying to survey the entire grid. Think of it as the Minesweeper’s flags. Sudoku is really a thinking game, so it’s not uncommon to get stuck midway. A help option is available that can reveal the solution to whatever grid you choose, with each one costing you time on the clock.

Numerous challenges!

Sudoku Classic has two options if you want to bump up the difficulty, especially if you’ve gotten so good already that it’s threatening your boredom to return. First is literally changing the difficulty of the game, which comes in four variations: 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, and 4 stars. The higher the difficulty, the less revealed numbers you’ll see on the grids. And that means more thinking time and more headaches.

The second is setting record times. A records table can be accessed from the main menu that keeps track of things like your best time and the average time it takes you to solve a puzzle in each difficulty. Sudoku Classic also allows you to play in another mode apart from the stars category. It’s termed “Daily” in the records table and functions pretty much as it is: a daily puzzle. It’s a random puzzle that only changes after each day and you can also record times for it. If you’re looking to test your brain, Sudoku Classic offers as much challenge as all your Sudoku booklets and newspapers combined.

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