Chainy Chisai Medieval: Chain Reactions Everywhere

Chainy Chisai Medieval: Chain Reactions Everywhere

Don’t be fooled by the game’s rather cute title. It’s far off from being cute, in terms of gameplay. Chainy Chisai Medieval is one of those deceptive games where the overall look and design is in contrast to the difficulty. Meaning it will make you think you’re going to have an easy time, only to find yourself repeating a level over and over again.

Wait for it… Wait for it… Poof!

The game is presented in a box-like enclosed area, populated with cute little characters called ‘Chisai’. The Chisai bounce endlessly around the enclosed area like balls. Your goal in each level is take out the required number of Chisai (displayed at the top of the screen) by causing explosions. So how do you create said explosions when it’s quite visible from the start that you’re not armed with any explosives? Simple: the Chisai themselves ARE the source of explosions. As in they are the ones that explode.

You can create the explosions by clicking anywhere on the field. If a Chisai is nearby, it will automatically explode. Any surrounding Chisai will also be affected, causing them to explode as well. The chain reaction will continue until there are no other Chisai affected by an explosion anywhere on the field. It’s sort of like a mine field, where a single mine can set off other mines if they’re within range of the initial blast.

Take note, however, that you can only set off an explosion by yourself just once. So, only one click is allotted for you each level. The trick is to wait for the Chisai to be properly positioned that will allow them to have their blast area all within range of each other, causing one large chain reaction. Although that’s easier said than done, especially in higher levels. You are awarded between 1 to 3 stars for your performance in each level, with the 1 star being an automatic once you reach the required number of Chisai to take out.

A unique set of characters

The Chisai don’t just come in one variation, however. They come in different forms, all based on the medieval age, and each of them have different abilities when they are triggered on the field. The default Chisai is the Beautiful Princess, which produces a small blast area when triggered by an explosion. Another one is a Chisai called ‘Spiny’, which fires off spikes instead of having a blast area. If the spikes hit other Chisai, it will set off another explosion. They’re sort of like a long-range version. And there’s one called the ‘Merlin’ which, as you might have guessed, is equipped with a wand. The Merlin produces a bolt of lightning when triggered.

There are 10 different characters available, unlocked as you progress through the game, and each of them can have their abilities upgraded using the stars awarded to you, giving you an incentive to always go for 3 stars. You’ll notice that you can also collect coins in the field by having any Chisai explode near them. These coins can be used to buy traps that can be placed on the field. When activated on the field, the trap will make any Chisai explode upon contact and they are able to do so repeatedly.

Despite all the options you can have access to, it’s still quite difficult to consistently pull off 3 stars in each level. Patience is absolutely necessary in the game if you really want top marks. Otherwise, just go ahead and randomly click anywhere on the field. If things get a bit too frustrating for you, simply look at those cute little Chisai to remind yourself of their cuteness.

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