Chip Family: They’re Small and Definitely not Terrible

Chip Family: They’re Small and Definitely not Terrible

When the winter season is near, Chipmunks collect as much food as they can so that they will have food during the cold winter days when their beloved acorns are out of commission. In Chip Family, you will help this family of tiny chipmunks to gather as much acorns as they can so that they don’t succumb to hunger in the cold days. Remember Angry Birds and how you used to aim the birds at the wood of the houses of the pigs so that the house would fall down and the pigs would fall over? Well, in this game, there won’t be any birds but there will be a house of wood with acorns in it, and it is your job to help the chipmunks collect the acorns. You can simply think of the game as Angry Birds: Chipmunk Edition. (Or maybe Angry Chipmunks?)

Acorns away!

In this game, the goal is to collect the acorns for each level by placing the chipmunks in the different wood parts of the house, and by ordering them to start munching the pieces of wood. The house would fall down upon doing so and will cause the shell of the acorns to be removed, and be collected. You need to place the chipmunks in a way that when they bite the wood and the house falls down, all of the acorns will be de-shelled and collected. If you fail to collect all of the acorns for each level, you will simply repeat the level. The Chip family won’t always be together as you play the game. This is because in some levels, only one, two, or three chipmunks are only needed and it is up to you how you will maximize the use of the chipmunks efficiently and effectively to be able to collect all of the acorns and pass the level.

Settling the differences

In playing the game, you not only need to strategize the placement of each chipmunk on each level, you must also be aware and take into consideration the different speeds in which they can finish biting off the piece of wood. The two male chipmunks, the father and the son, have a much faster speed in biting off the piece of wood than the female chipmunks, which are the mother and the daughter. It might seem stereotypical, but males usually are the big eaters, no matter the species or race (including humans). In some levels, some pieces of wood need to be removed first in order for the other pieces of wood to work and de-shell the acorns, and in these cases, you must first place the male chipmunks onto the desired wood.

Gaining some weight

For some levels, just biting off the piece of wood and letting the structure fall down is just not enough, so wood balls and ice cubes are added to some levels. They are the key to collecting some of the acorns. Though they cannot be chewed by the chipmunks, their weight when they come in contact with the chipmunks after a fall or slide is already enough to remove the shells of the acorns, collect them, and pass the level.

You could say Chip Family is a game where the main characters have a “chip” on their shoulders because their well-being is on the line if they are not able to collect sufficient acorns. (Okay, that was a bad pun.)

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