Come and Play with the Playful Kitty!

Come and Play with the Playful Kitty!

We all know that some cats are very playful and fond of their ball of yarn and love to play with them all the time. Well, in this game, the orange Playful Kitty, who somewhat resembles the famous lazy cat, Garfield, would like to play with its wool ball, but the problem is that you need to get it first; otherwise it will get angry (and nobody likes an angry cat, real or virtual). Playful Kitty revolves around that and you have a lot of levels to go through just to satisfy the spoiled animal.

Break it fast!

In order for the wool ball to get to the spoiled kitty, you need to break several objects first so that the ball will roll along the wood towards the cat. There are two kinds of objects in the game: the breakable ones and the unbreakable ones. The breakable ones are the slightly broken pieces of wood and the rectangular-shaped objects. While the unbreakable ones are the regular pieces of wood and the large square-shaped objects. Sometimes you don’t simply break these objects all at once as soon as the level starts. Some objects are needed first for the ball to roll onto before you can break it. Once the wool ball gets to the cat, you can see it playing with it and you can advance to the next level. Fail to deliver the wool ball to the cat and it’s a game over.

Roll along the coins

Besides getting the wool ball to the cat, you can also collect the coins on each level to get points. Each coin is equivalent to three hundred points. For each level, a maximum of three coins can be collected. These coins, however, do not affect the game in any way, nor can they be used to receive anything from the game. They are just there for you to collect and get points. It’s also quite pleasing to the eyes if you see each level with a complete set of three coins above it. Think of it as the game’s High Score system or ranking system.

What’s with the look?

Aside from the simple gameplay, the cat itself is somewhat adorable throughout the game, which can be quite distracting. Especially during times like when the wool ball is taking so long to get to it and it starts to sleep, or when you somehow don’t get the ball to the cat by the end of the level which makes it so angry. These kinds of things are really entertaining to look at as you play the game, proving that simple aesthetics can be charming the same way that high-end graphics do.

Playful Kitty is a nice game to play if you’re bored at home with nothing to do. Instead of just dozing off and wait for something interesting to happen, why not just help the poor spoiled little kitty in getting the love of its life a.k.a. the wool ball? Or you can just simply stare at the kitty and gawk at its cuteness.

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