Conquer and Dominate the Lands in Civilization Wars

Conquer and Dominate the Lands in Civilization Wars

Civilization Wars is a game that will give you an awesome strategy gameplay experience as you dominate and conquer the different civilizations in the lands. If you’ve been meaning to know what it would be like to be the ruler or lord over a piece of land or civilization, then this game will give you a small taste of it.

Aesthetically-speaking, it’s a simple strategy game because there is only one type of troop, although you get to pick out from the beginning which kind of civilization you will be coming from. But at the same time, it is also very complex because of the different strategies needed to complete each level. For those who enjoy strategy and conquering games, this is a game you may not want to pass up on. Prepare and ready your troops as you conquer and dominate the different lands in the game!

A simple yet strategic gameplay

The goal in the game is to conquer, dominate, and beat the crap out of the enemy that’s also out to get you. Winning the level requires you to conquer all the bases in each level. If your bases are conquered, then you automatically lose the game. So, it’s really just a matter of who gets to destroy stuff faster.

The controls in the game are simple. In order to control and send your troops to a location, click and drag the mouse cursor to the base or direction you want and release it to send over your troops. You can send over a lot of troops in a single base or area. After you have selected the troops, you can order them to put their lives on the line and attack an enemy structure. But first your troops must destroy any enemy troops defending it, and only then will you be able to send another batch of troops to successfully conquer it. The attacking troops do not automatically conquer a base because if you really think about it, they must be tired from all the fighting. Naturally, levels become harder and harder as your progress through the game.

Obstacles such as watchtowers, which can be also conquered, will be there to haunt your troops so you have to be careful not to get close to them if you don’t want your poor troops to die. Beating the game requires strategy in order to defeat the hordes of enemies in each level. You can’t just blindly send everyone to battle. In some cases you need to act very fast and in some cases you need to wait out the battle and strategize very carefully.

Upgrades and different modes

As you beat the levels of the game, experience is earned depending on how you netted your victory. You can use the acquired experience to unlock abilities and skills to be used to help you win the level. The game offers you a Hard Mode if the game has become too easy for you. For those who are looking for more challenge, there are mini-modes that cater to specific parameters, such as no magic, blind mode, sudden death and many more that allows you to collect more experience depending on the mode.

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