Cut It: A Game of Precision

Cut It: A Game of Precision

Cut It is a quiet game of precision. It is an exciting game for a player glued to mathematics or to a student player who simply wants to harness and sharpen the eye skill for estimation and measurement. If you’re an aspiring architect or carpenter, you might want to take a few moments to check out the game. It might come in handy somewhere in the future.

Into the woods

The object used in the game is a wood log or wood piece. The game starts with a picture of pine trees in the mountains. This in itself prepares the eyes, since the color is green which is soothing to the eyes. Besides this, the accompanying music is of soft beat, adding again to a sense of relaxation and focus that is needed for the player to get a high score. The gameplay starts with the appearance of a block of wood. Each block comes in different shapes – rectangle, square, triangle and other sizes. This prevents the game from being boring, as the variety of shapes excites the eyes and the mind. Also it makes you feel that the game is simply not being repetitive just to make things longer.

The more equal the pieces, the higher the score

There are parameters above the picture of the wood piece. The two most important ones are the chainsaw icon and the one that looks like a wooden shield with an ‘X’ mark. The former basically displays how many moves you can make per level, similar to other puzzle games. While the latter shows you the number of possible cuts that can be made on the wood. The score is based on how equally you cut up the wood, which is shown in percentages. The better you cut it up equally, the more stars you earn for the level. The levels of the game motivate the player as these increases the skill. There are three levels – easy, moderate and difficult. The player has to finish the Easy games, represented with the achievement of three stars, to be able to move on to the Moderate level, and so on. The game can’t be finished in one sitting, so take your time to go through each level.

A bit similar to fruit slicing games

While the game may be special to a specific type of player, the game can be worthy to try for a person simply interested to hone their focusing skills. The repetitive cuttings to achieve a perfect equal size for the number of cuts can be tiring but the resulting feeling of success is more than the frustration from the repetitive attempts. You can think of Cut It up as a more tamed version of fruit slicing games like Fruit Ninja, although the precision required by the game is a direct contrast to the random slicing and chaotic slicing those games present. Remember, the game is special in the sense that there is a specific type of audience that can be captured to enjoy it (mostly people that prefer non-action games).

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