Cute Animal Puzzle

Cute Animal Puzzle

1010 Animals is a game that provides fun for the entire family. The game is a pattern and puzzle game, so if you were ever a fan of Tetris, you would be a fan of this game. Only because the patterns come in animals and blocks does not mean it is not a game that will not make adults think about matching and spaces. The game certainly takes some practice and is not quite as easy as an adult approaching it for the first time might think.

The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible, just like most games. However, the surefire way to score more points is to drop the adorable animal blocks in to create full vertical or horizontal lines on the screen, which is not as easy as it sounds. When there is no space left to add blocks, the game ends.

When I played it for the first time, I noticed that it was the type of game that one improves with as time progresses. The first few sets of puzzles I was not able to formulate any lines or have the foresight to think far enough ahead. However, with a few rounds passing, I was able to do a better job of predicting because I became more familiar with the types of block patterns. Unlike Tetris, the blocks are not dropping, and the gamer has a full screen to drop in wherever he or she would like the animal block patterns. Warning: they might look cute, but they take some getting used to controlling, or, at least, it was true for this gamer!

One of the benefits of a game like this is that is attractive to youngsters learning about patterns and puzzles. This type of game appeals to the Kindergarten age because of the adorable animal pattern graphics the gamer is up against (and that is not to say adults will not enjoy the cute presentation of animals). The bright colors and the educational scope of a puzzle along with the challenge of making horizontal or vertical lines will interest children. This type of game I do not mind my Kindergartner playing; there are no guns or violence, just puzzles, and animals that challenge you to match and think ahead. Certainly, it provides excellent puzzle practice for young children who will also need to stick to the adage "practice makes perfect," but who will probably enjoy the fact you get points even if you are not making lines. With trial and error, it is the type of game that a young grade-schooler would eventually master. It 's hard enough to challenge adults, but simple enough for youngsters to play.

Furthermore, it is simply an excellent challenge for your left brain to embark upon, and whether you play it or your child does, it will help you improve overall at puzzle and patterns not only in games but everyday life.

So why not take a little time and try the game? It is certainly a benefit that it is a game you can play with your child and know that both of you are embarking not only on some fun gaming activities but increased educational experience and knowledge with puzzles and patterns. While the game is not two players, it is certainly possible to each take a turn and watch the other to see who does better. This pairing adds a definite edge of competition to a fun-filled family experience. Or, simply play the game alone, or show it to your child. Certainly, there is no harm in such an adorable, thought provoking; puzzle filled, educational game.

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