Dig, Dig, Dig All the Loot in Gold Mine!

Dig, Dig, Dig All the Loot in Gold Mine!

Have you ever dreamed of having lot of gold? If that’s the case, then prepare your imaginary pickaxe and wheelbarrows and get ready for an exciting puzzle adventure in Gold Mine! If you are a fan of puzzle games such as Candy Crush or Bejeweled or other games that require you match three similar items, then you will feel right at home in this game.

An unusual puzzle experience

What makes the game different from other puzzle games? Well, it involves a character whom you’ll actually see in the interface as you solve the puzzles. Normally, it’s just you and the grid in other similar puzzle games. Another unusual trait of this game is that it involves a sort of time limit, although not in a clock or timer form. This limit is represented by the movement of the wall or stack of stones towards your character. There are only a set number of times that the wall will move for each level. Once it reaches its high point (it will look like your character is going to be crushed), the game will end.

Seek out the goodies

Puzzle-lover gamers will definitely like this game because it offers a different take on the usual gameplay. The goal is to get your score as high as possible before the wall reaches you. The score will depend on the gold and other treasures that you collect in each level (the treasures are embedded in individual pieces of stones). Collecting said gold and treasures requires you to look for two or more similar-looking stones that are adjacent to one another to clear them out and get to the goodies. They can either be vertically, horizontally, or both for three or more pieces. They can easily be identified by their coloring and all you have to do is tap on them and your character will throw his pickaxe to clear them out regardless of whether they are at the front of the wall or not.

The points depend on the type of item you are able to match (or collect). Multipliers are also present in the game. The higher the multiplier, the higher the points you make. If you can no longer find matching pieces on the currently-shown stones, you have two options: Wait for the wall to automatically move on its own or trigger the fast-forward button located at the bottom to move it manually. If you choose the latter, be sure to double-check everything first because you can’t undo that action.

As the game wears on and the wall is now creeping towards your character, that’s when you might feel a bit panicky. It’s important to keep your composure towards the end of the game because that’s when the pressure to act faster will arrive, which can throw off your strategy. The timed mechanic represented by the gradually moving wall represents a sort of difficulty spike. The game starts off slowly and you are able to take your time picking out your moves. And then it turns into a fast-paced game as the wall inches closer because it requires you to make your move quickly to maximize points.

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