Dip Your Toes in the Food Cart Business!

Dip Your Toes in the Food Cart Business!

Every large food business starts out as a small investment. There are some business joints that even started out as simple food carts out on the streets that sell goodies to passing people. There’s no harm in starting out on such conditions. As long as you are really willing to pursue a business in the food industry, then that’s all that matters. Alternatively, if you simply want to run a simulation and want to get an idea on what it’s going to be like to run a food cart, then look no further than Fast Food Takeaway.

Customer satisfaction is key

If you’re going to be in the food business, one thing that you always have to keep in your head is that it’s customer-oriented. And Fast Food Takeaway gives you a glimpse on that side of the business. But first, let’s get to the mechanics of the game. You start off by buying the items that you will need to get your food cart up and running. The first three items are necessary, so you can’t skip them. Once your food cart is ready, you can start your day by waiting for people to drop by to get a taste of what you’re serving, which are really just two products that can be flavored differently: grilled meat and chicken nuggets. Customers can either request to have them in bags or on sticks.

Whenever a customer approaches your humble food cart, an icon will pop above their head showing what their order is. And then all you have to do is click on the items on your food cart to prepare the order. After the food is ready, simply drag it towards your customer and that’s automatic profit. However, if you take too long to prepare the order, the customer will get angry and walk away. That leaves you with a wasted food that you need to throw in order to have the space to prepare for the next order. Additionally, your food cart will get dirty while serving customers. And nobody likes a dirty-looking food holder, so you must also clean it by simply clicking on the clean icon (bottom-right).

Numbers to monitor

Your performance is displayed at the end of each day. You can check stats like how many items you sold, how many customers you served, how satisfied you made the customers, and, of course, your earnings for the day. There are also high scores or best scores if you want to check whether your skills are improving. As you get better and better, your ranking will go up, which is represented by stars. Naturally, your goal is to reach the maximum number of stars (5). The money you earn can be used to upgrade your products, and that also translates to more profit.

Fast Food Takeaway has a sort of milestone point. The game will total your scores once you reach Day 40 and it’s during that moment that you can see whether you succeeded or in need of another career. After the 40-day mark, you can play the game as long as you want, but it will no longer have a milestone point. The scale of Fast Food Takeaway may not be comparable to the real thing, but at least it gives you an idea how things go in the food business.

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