Discover Magic in Fairy Cards!

Discover Magic in Fairy Cards!

Fairy Cards is a memorization card game where you need to find matching pairs of cards in order to finish the game. These types of games can really enhance a person’s visual memory skills while still having fun. But in this game, you don’t just simply pair the matching cards that you see. There’s an awesome twist to Fairy Cards that really makes this game different from any other memorization card game.

Where did the card go?

In Fairy Cards, you will find five different pictures of cards that you need to match. Out of these five pictures of cards, only two will be available from the beginning. The other three needs to be unlocked by just simply playing the game. Now, each of the cards equals to a specific number of points, and each time you pair those cards you get the point equivalent to that card. In order to finish a level, you need to gain a certain number of points that is set for that level, and once you reach that goal number of points, you will be able to continue to the next one. This game is composed of sixty levels, and as you play the higher levels, there will be more and more cards on the field.

Now here’s the tricky part: Once you’ve successfully paired the cards on the field, the cards don’t just clear out from the field. The cards return to their face-down position and the cards will then change, like a reshuffle. The card that you just uncovered or revealed will now be different, so don’t expect to pair the same cards over and over again.

Be aware that for each level you will either be given a limited number of moves to make, which is 20, or a time limit. If you were given the 20-move limit, then you should be careful in choosing the cards you are going to pair; otherwise it’s a wasted move. But if the level has a time limit, then you don’t necessarily need to be careful in your moves but you have to move at a faster pace and earn the amount of points needed for that level before the time runs out.

Matching doesn’t always come in twos

In Fairy Cards, the matching of cards doesn’t necessarily mean that you just need two cards with the same picture. If you are able to flip and match three cards of the same picture, then you will get a combination bonus, and the points that you’ll get will be doubled. And when you match five cards of the same picture, the combination bonus you will get will triple the number of points that the cards will normally give out! Now, getting a double or triple bonus can easily finish a level, but you have to be careful if you aim to always pair three or five cards because you never know where these cards may be on the field, especially once the cards start to grow in number. Of course, you can exploit the game by using screenshots to aid you so you know where the cards are, but that defeats the purpose of the game.

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