Doggy Dive: A Deep-Sea Canine Adventure

Doggy Dive: A Deep-Sea Canine Adventure

As they say, dogs are man’s best friend. They can act as babysitters and play with children. They can act as military dogs and help track down enemies or bombs or other threats. They can act as guides for blind people. They can even act as your shoulder to cry on when there’s no one there for you. And apparently, they can act as deep-sea divers if the need arises, too. Say hello to Doggy Dive, an endless runner-like game that features a lovable dog out on a deep-sea mission to search for possibly the largest bone in existence to chew on. Well, the game doesn’t exactly say anything about the dog’s reason, so it’s all just speculation.

A much slower pace

Doggy Dive is similar to other endless runner games where you are stuck in a continuous movement at a constant speed. Your only option is to move left or right in the game, but you are not limited to only moving one space in either direction since the dog only takes up a small portion of the screen. So, you can actually move further in either direction with freedom and you also don’t reset back to the center position.

Your main task in the game is to collect as many gold coins as possible, so it may turn out that the dog’s mission is to look for pirate treasure after all. The coins are typically lined up or arranged in a specific manner, which allows you to easily scoop them up. But there are coins by their lonesome that you can easily miss if you’re only looking for coins in groups. The more coins you collect, the more points you score at the end. The only challenge present in the game is repeatedly beating out your high score since there are no unlockables or achievements to be had.

An endless runner… or not

The one thing that prevents Doggy Dive from being truly classified as an endless runner is the presence of the dog’s oxygen tank. As you dive deeper and deeper into the ocean, your oxygen bar gradually depletes. And to make things worse, coming into contact with the different marine animals, like the sharks and starfish, swimming around you takes a large chunk off your oxygen bar. Endless runners typically don’t have health bars: If you get hit or run into an obstacle, it’s over. Doggy Dive is definitely not like that.

Luckily, you can also collect bubble-like items which look just like the coins, except they’re blue. Collecting these will recover a small amount of oxygen. Their color, which is the same color as the water, makes it a bit difficult to see them. And you never know when the next one will pop up, so if given the choice between scooping up a large number of gold coins and taking an oxygen recovery item, always go for the latter. You can always collect more coins later as long as you have oxygen. If you really like to play endless runner games but would like to try out something with a different pace and a forgiving difficulty, Doggy Dive should serve you well.

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