Don’t Mess with the Greedy Rabbit!

Don’t Mess with the Greedy Rabbit!

There are two things that people immediately think of when rabbits are mentioned: Bugs Bunny and carrots. And if you remember the cartoon character, then you would also be aware that rabbits love carrots. Greedy Rabbit is a game about a rabbit (obviously) who just can’t get enough of vegetables, especially carrots. And you’ll be in control to how greedy it can be.

Vegetables galore!

In Greedy Rabbit, your goal (as the rabbit) is to open a portal for that level and advance to the next level. And the way to accomplish that is – you’ve guessed it – collect vegetables like there’s no tomorrow. If you love rabbits, it’s a win-win situation: You get to feed your virtual rabbit and you get to advance to the next level. To open the portal, you must guide the rabbit along the area and collect the three vegetables scattered. Once the third vegetable has been collected, the portal will immediately open and you can advance to the next level by hopping towards the portal (it’s not automatic).

This game is divided into five different stages, and each stage is composed of a number of levels. The vegetables to be collected for each stage are carrots, cabbages, eggplants, tomatoes, and potatoes. Only one type of vegetable appears for each level.

The Stars of Life

You may notice at the beginning of the game that aside from the vegetables to be collected, there are also three stars on the screen. Now, for the first two stages, which are carrots and cabbages, these stars will not be of use except for bonus points for the level. But in order for you to unlock the remaining three stages, a number of stars are required to be collected. So, instead of just collecting the vegetables to get to the next level, you must also be able to collect the three stars available in each level for you to unlock the three stages; otherwise, you’ll be stuck replaying the first two stages and that can get boring pretty quickly.

Collecting the stars won’t be always that easy since some of the stars need the extra effort to get. And sometimes you may feel the urge to go to the next level already after collecting the vegetables and just leave the stars behind, especially if you’re the impatient one.

Changing fields

As you play through the game, in some levels you will see some changes in the field, some are good but most of them are bad. These changes or additions can either help you or hinder you from getting through the level. The spikes on the ground are one of the early changes that you’ll see. These spikes are not to be stepped on because it will cause an instant game over for the level. The spikes are sometimes placed in parts that you don’t need to worry about but mostly they are placed near the vegetables or even near the portal as if the game is begging you to fail.

And that’s just one of the changes in the field that you need to worry about. On the other hand, there are also additions that can help you get through a level. One of these is the bubble. The bubble can lift you up to parts not reachable by just jumping only. But be careful not to move while in the bubble because it will cause the bubble to pop and you’ll fall on the ground.

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