Drop Me: Drop Babies Without Hesitation

Drop Me: Drop Babies Without Hesitation

If there ever was an award for the most obvious and outright telling video game title that makes no effort to be creative, Drop Me would win it in a landslide without any kind of resistance. Drop Me. It’s so literal and so simple that it’s actually hilarious in its own right. Whoever thought of this game’s title must have had other better things to do. But the blunt title aside, Drop Me is the kind of game that is deceptively hard, which probably stems from the lack of a written tutorial on how things work.

Just tap and drop and hope for the best

The gameplay of Drop Me can’t be put into kinder words: You drop babies wrapped in cloth down into a tube that goes who knows where. It may lead back to their cribs; it may lead to their mother’s waiting arms. Heck, it may lead to Asgard. The possibilities are endless. The cute little babies starts out each level hovering in the air, contained in some sort of protective bubble. The colors of their cloth vary when there is more than one baby in a level. When you tap at the babies, their bubbles will pop and they will immediately drop. The tubes (or tunnels) located at the bottom varies in color, too. Your goal is to make sure that each baby drops specifically into the tube that matches the color of their cloth. It’s a game over every time a baby misses their mark.

Every time you complete a level, you are graded 1 to 3 stars. While dropping, you also have the chance to collect strawberries that are similarly hovering in the air. The grade depends on how many strawberries you acquired in that level. Some strawberries are directly in line with a baby’s drop trajectory, making them an automatic pick-up. Others require more effort to acquire due to some gameplay elements which we’ll discuss next. So, yes, you get higher marks for collecting more strawberries instead of whether you “safely” dropped the babies into their tubes. It doesn’t get any weirder than that.

When simply dropping babies isn’t enough…

Earlier levels simply require you to pop each baby’s bubbles and let them be on their way down. But as you progress through the game, levels will start to contain obstacles that will make things more difficult. For example, the levels may contain platforms that will influence a baby’s drop trajectory. You can remove these platforms and just leave out the ones that will prove beneficial. In other levels, a bomb (yes, a freaking bomb!) may be present that, when triggered, causes the babies to move.

The babies will also move from side to side in some levels, which will require you to pop their bubbles only when they are directly above their specific tubes; otherwise they will roll off the edge. Much higher levels do not necessarily have the babies floating in the air. Sometimes they are laid down on a platform and you must use the obstacles on the level to find a way to get the baby to their tube.

Drop Me starts out in a beginner-friendly difficulty and will seemingly look like a very easy game to finish. But the difficulty will start to pick up once you are introduced to more and more of the different obstacles. It’s sometimes easy to forget that you’re dropping babies when a rather frustrating level comes around, though.

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