Feel the Groove in Groovy Ski

Feel the Groove in Groovy Ski

Prepare your boots, sweater, and your skis and get ready for the ultimate skiing adventure here on Groovy Ski! We all know that everyone who hates the summer heat dreams to slide down chilly snow and feel the winter’s cold embrace. Those who are not able to ski because they unfortunately live in tropical places can experience it here on Groovy Ski, if only through imagination. Yetis wouldn’t miss the fun, of course. A snowy theme isn’t complete without them: They’ll be around to play with you as you help your character reach the stars as he slides down the snowy mountains full of obstacles and hurdles.

Let’s get down the hill!

Groovy Ski offers a whole level of (virtual) winter experience, and will definitely be enjoyed by people who love snow and ski-lovers alike. The colorful and appealing gameplay combined with the nice sound effects makes this game even more addictive. The goal in the game is to guide your character as he glides down the snowy mountain and help him collect as many stars as possible along the way. The more stars you collect, the higher score you get.

What makes it addicting to play? The difficult gameplay itself will make you want to play the game more, if only to continuously challenge yourself. Controlling the character involves tapping to change the direction from either left or right. It might sound too easy, but it’s a bit hard sometimes because it requires perfect timing to avoid hitting the obstacles and walls in the game. Obstacles in the game are difficult to avoid because it requires quick reflexes since your character moves very quick. Your path will be dominated by walls, tires, and trees, so you have to extra careful.

As is with all the games, the more you get the hang of the gameplay, especially the controls, the easier it will be in the long run. The longer you play, the more difficult the game becomes because more obstacles will appear (the usual difficulty spike). The key to the game is to have quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination to get through the many obstacles in the game. Collecting the stars throughout the game is not an easy task to do because some stars can also trick you and lead you to danger or trouble, sort of like bait.

Starstruck accessories

What to do with the collected stars? Of course, the game wouldn’t be fun if it doesn’t give any special twists or rewards, right? Well this game also offers a lot of varieties of costumes for your character, such as colorful hats, helmets and a lot of other cool stuff. You can use these costumes and accessories to customize your character. You can make your character groovy and funky or you can make him downright corny. The costume will depend on the number of stars collected. The stars you collected can also be used to unlock a gift box which contains different kinds of accessories. The more stars you get the more special the gift box will become. But they are just for aesthetics, which serve as your motivation to continuously go out and ski.

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