Flow Free: Connecting Dots with Style

Flow Free: Connecting Dots with Style

If you like very challenging puzzles similar to Sudoku, then Flow Free should be on your To-Play list. But the game does not involve numbers, though, which spares you from having to push your math skills to the limit. Instead, it populates your screen with colorful dots and the lines that connects them.

Requires a heavy dose of thinking

Free Flow, or Stream Master Unlimited as the title menu shows, is one of those games that can go from extremely easy to extremely hard real quick. The game plays out in a grid populated by pairs of dots in matching colors. Your goal is to connect the two similarly-colored dots together. Sounds simple enough, except you must also use up all the tiles in the grid while doing so. Which means connecting the dots in a very linear way will not necessarily result in a victory. As long as one tile is open or unused, even if you did manage to connect all the dots, the game won’t advance to the next puzzle.

Aside from requiring you to use up all the tiles, you are also allotted a set number of turns (or moves) to do so. That means there is only one real solution for each puzzle, quite similar to Sudoku puzzles which have unique solutions. You must also be really careful when starting to connect the dots. If you stop midway because you realized you made the wrong move, it will still count as a turn. The game will not give you any sort of warning if you made the wrong move and neither will it give you a signal if you are on the correct path. So you really have to be sure about your move first before executing it; otherwise you’ll have to reset. You receive 1 to 3 stars every time you complete a puzzle, which is dependent on the time you consumed to complete it.

An abundance of puzzles and challenges

Free Flow offers a lot of puzzles for you to go through. Lots and lots of it. They are categorized into three levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. All puzzles regardless of level are numbered like they are in a single category, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to really start at puzzle number 1 before moving on to puzzle number 2. You can play any puzzle you want right from the start. You can start in the middle of the Hard levels if you want to be challenged right out of the gate.

There are a total of 300 puzzles in the game, which translates to a whopping 900 stars for you to collect! If you’re able to complete all puzzles with all the stars collected, you can start challenging yourself by completing all puzzles again in record time. It’s a bit outrageous, but if you have nothing else better to do then by all means do so. The sheer number of puzzles offered by Free Flow will definitely keep your boredom at bay for a week or two depending on how fast you can solve the puzzles or how much patience you can afford.

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