Flying School: Taking Birds to a Whole New Level

Flying School: Taking Birds to a Whole New Level

Flying School is a game that is somewhat similar to Angry Birds. Think about Angry Birds without the actual angry birds, the slingshot, the houses, and the pigs (especially those ugly pigs). They have the same controls where you aim the birds to fly at a certain place. In Flying School, however, there are no levels in which you have to unlock to finish the game. The main goal is to reach as many nests as you can while collecting stars along the way.

Fly me to the nest

In Flying School, you have to aim the bird to fly to the nest on the opposite side of the screen. You have three hearts or lives that you can use in case you missed on the first try. The objective in the game is to reach the most number of nests before your hearts run out. Along the way, you will be able to spot several stars and additional hearts/lives that you have the option of picking up. Some stars or hearts, however, are much more difficult to collect because they can sometimes be in opposition to the direction in which you need to go to the next nest. The game is over once you run out of lives to play.

Nest-y distractions

Getting to your destination is not always as easy as you want it to be. There will always be obstacles in which you have to pass through first. Well, in Flying School, these obstacles come in different forms. There’s a cat who likes to jump, a spider who crawls up and down its web, a giant bird that flies above you, and a hunter who will shoot you down. All of which, if you come in contact with, will make you lose one life. These aren’t the only obstacles in the game, though. There are obstacles that are immobile which will make things difficult for you to pass through. These are the tree ledges that come in different patterns or positions that you also have to overcome in order to get to the next nest.

Get a star, get a bird

In this game, you not only aim to fly to as many nests as you possibly can, you can also unlock other birds that can be used in the game. There are eight birds all in all that can be used, seven of which need to be unlocked first; the first one is already unlocked. These birds are of different variations and colors, and can be unlocked by collecting a specific number of stars throughout the game.

Easy to play, difficult to stop

Playing Flying School can be addictive because you want to unlock all of the playable birds and challenge yourself to reach the highest score you can get. You may find yourself stuck in front of the computer for hours and hours just trying to beat your own high score and collect those stars in exchange for birds. As is the case with simple browser games, their selling point comes in their ability to not get stale quickly even with repetitive gameplay.

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