Fruita Crush: Turn Those Fruits into Shakes and Jams

Fruita Crush: Turn Those Fruits into Shakes and Jams

Don’t like fruits? Then Fruita Crush is just the perfect game to show your hatred for fruits. Line them up and watch them disappear from your sight!

Fruita Crush is your typical puzzle game wherein you line up three matching items in order to remove them from the field. The more items – fruits in this game, in case you haven’t picked up on that yet – you clear from the field, the more points you receive. Your scores are graded from 1 star to 3 stars, so you will always have that measure for your accomplishment. Gaining 1 star’s worth of points is enough to get you through the level, which represents the minimum points needed. So, no need to worry if you don’t have max stars in all levels. You can simply shoot for the minimum required points and then move on if you’re playing just for the sake of finishing all the levels in a short amount of time.

Too simple gameplay? Wrong!

The gameplay of Fruita Crush may sound extremely simple but there actually two elements that will complicate things: the limited number of moves and the design of the field or grids.

You can’t just collect points and go for 3 stars with an unlimited opportunity. Each level comes with a move count limit. Meaning, you can only make a certain number of moves, and the level ends as soon as you’ve used up all your moves. If you reached at least 1 star for the level, then you can proceed to the next. If not, then you’ll have to replay the level.

The design of the field also changes every level. So, you can’t use the same strategy you used in previous levels. It’s especially challenging when the field has turned into a rather unbalanced shape as it can get you confused when looking for your next move. And there will also be obstacles that will appear in some levels to make things harder. These two elements call for the players to plan their moves in advance and consider the effects of each of their moves if they really want to go for 3 stars every time.

To help players out in collecting points, the game presents special effects like being able to clear out an entire row of fruits once certain conditions are met. All the special effects are simply explained from the main menu, so you don’t need to grasp around and experiment with different things.

A fruitful game to wash away boredom

Despite all those mechanics mentioned above, Fruita Crush is really just a simple and fun game. The music will remind you of Christmas and the overall look is colorful and pleasing to the eye. Unless you’ve reached the higher levels, the game will provide you a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect when trying to pass the time.

The interface is easy enough to navigate through – none of those complicated options. And the game offers a lot of levels for you to go through, which change in design and aesthetic the more you progress in the game. It will most likely keep you occupied for a couple of days, especially if you’re going for 3 stars in each level. So, start crushing those fruits now!

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