Fruita Swipe 2: Connect and Collect Fruits

Fruita Swipe 2: Connect and Collect Fruits

At first glance, Fruita Swipe 2 might come off as your typical puzzle game which features the extremely popular gameplay of lining up three matching items to have them removed from the playing field (or grid). But as soon as you start the first level, you’ll notice that the game is way different, which is immediately apparent from the design of the playing field/grid. So, what makes Fruita Swipe 2 stand out among other puzzle games?

It’s all about chains, chains, chains

For starters, as mentioned above, the playing field/grid is vastly different. The usual rows and columns are replaced by hexagonal tiles, making it look like a bee nest. The fruits populating the tiles can be easily identified by their shapes or colors if you’re not familiar with their actual names.

Instead of lining up 3 or more fruits of the same kind in order to remove them and score points, the gameplay revolves around chaining the fruits in a similar way you’d connect dotted lines. You can connect them it every direction as long as there is one fruit to connect to. If the fruits are lined up really well, you can actually clear out half the playing field/grid in one chain! The game only allows you a limited number of moves per level (a typical element in puzzle games) in order to rack up as many points as possible, so having the ability to sweep large portions in one move is a big plus. The game is more about finding the chain that yields the most number of fruits. If you’re having trouble finding a chain, the game will help you out by pointing to a possible chain.

Another element that’s different from other puzzle games is that whenever the playing field/grid is refilled with new fruits, the game does not automatically clear out fruits that happened to line up. That’s actually a good thing, because the game will become extremely easy if that gameplay mechanic is present. And as always, though, each level you complete grades you from 1 to 3 stars, with 3 stars being the highest mark obviously.

Other gameplay elements

With all the focus on chaining, you’d think the main goal is to get as many points as you can in every level. That’s actually the secondary goal. The real main goal is to collect a certain number of a specific fruit. For example, if the requirement states that you need 10 grapes to pass the level, then you must chain 10 grapes. Once you have met the requirements, you are then free to accumulate as many points as you can to reach 3 stars, assuming you still have moves left.

To further help you in clearing out fruits, certain items randomly appear on the playing field/grid like a bomb that clears out the fruits in its immediate surrounding area. These items are quire handy if you can’t make out a good chain of fruits and need to free up space to allow new fruits to come in.

Overall, Fruita Swipe 2 is a nice change from the usual puzzle games around. The ability to chain with no regard to the general positioning of the items makes racking up points not only easier, but also more fun. And the hexagonal tiles are definitely prettier to look at than the standard rows and columns.

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