Go Nuts in Nut Rush!

Go Nuts in Nut Rush!

Have you ever seen a squirrel jumping from tree to tree and wondering what would it be like to be one of them? Well, playing Nut Rush doesn’t exactly transform you into a furry-haired rodent (obviously) and neither does it perfectly simulate the daily life of a squirrel, but it does allow you to experience the one thing that squirrels are commonly known for: collecting nuts. And Nut Rush gives you LOTS of chances to do so.

Nuts, nuts, and more nuts!

Nut Rush features a combination of gameplay mechanics from the platformer and endless runner genres. You control a squirrel among the trees and your one and only mode of action is jumping, which you can do so at two different variations: a small jump and a big jump. Interestingly, the squirrel does not jump from branches to branches. Instead, the game replaces them with ledges that look more like mountain paths or something. Don’t ask how come there are ledges among the trees; the developers must have some kind of reason for choosing them over branches.

Anyway, along the way there are lots of nuts magically floating around, complete with light ray effects as if they are the most glorious stuff in the world. Your primary goal as a squirrel is to collect as many nuts as possible as you make your way towards your home at the end of the level, represented by a tree hole with the words ‘HOME’ on top to make sure you don’t miss your target. The more nuts you collect, the more points you receive. Higher levels will feature more ledges or platforms for you to navigate, which are separated into “areas” by tree stumps that bounces you upwards when you successfully land on them. That’s right. A tree stump with spring-like attributes. Again, don’t ask how that happened.

The endless runner side of things

As mentioned before, Nut Rush also has endless runner gameplay mechanics. Just like in other games in the genre, your squirrel is automatically and continuously running as if its life depended on it, which is the reason why you only control its jumping action. And just like most, if not all, endless runner games, falling off the ledges or platforms is something you DON’T want to do as it immediately spells a game over.

You can’t control the running speed of the squirrel, so you better get used to it. The uniform speed sometimes makes it tricky to navigate ledges or platforms that are placed too close to each other. It will require you to have quick reflexes to pull off successive jumps. If you managed to collect every piece of nut littered among the trees, it would be wise to not celebrate immediately, because you are still required to perform one last jump towards your home at the end. And nothing is more annoying than collecting every nut available and then hilariously falling short of the jump towards your home. Nut Rush might seem like a mindless game at first glance, but things will get interesting once you get the urge to collect every nut within sight and not just hastily go towards the end of the level.

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