Gold Rush: Where Gold Comes In Different Colors

Gold Rush: Where Gold Comes In Different Colors

Gold Rush is a game where you need to remove groups of three or more blocks of the same color in order to get points and clear the board. The more number of blocks you remove, the higher the points that you’ll get. If you’re familiar with the game Bejeweled, then this game will surely be a walk in the park for you. If not, then don’t worry too much about it. The game is simple to understand. The main goal in Gold Rush is to remove blocks so that it won’t reach the top of the board, because if that happens, then obviously the game is over.

Feeling stuck?

If you find yourself stuck because there isn’t a group of blocks which you can remove, don’t worry because as the time passes, a new row of blocks will appear at the bottom. However, if you don’t feel like waiting for the new row of blocks to appear, you can simply click the arrow on the bottom right part of the screen to instantly make a new row of blocks appear.
Tools for free!

Random tools will appear that can help you as you play the game. There’s a pickaxe that removes all blocks that have the same color as the pickaxe, a hammer that removes three columns of blocks placed beneath the hammer, a shovel that removes an entire row of blocks, a paint bucket that changes a group of blocks into the same color as the paint bucket, a dynamite that clears all blocks surrounding it, and a chest and a key that can give you tools.

Now, tools aren’t the only things that appear which can help you. Blocks with multipliers also appear randomly. These multipliers obviously multiply the points you get once you clear a group of blocks with a multiplier with it.

Nugget level-up

Clearing blocks off the board isn’t the only goal of Gold Rush. You can also remove a group of three nuggets which appear randomly as well. These nuggets don’t appear by three’s all at once. They appear at different times and at different places. Waiting for three nuggets to appear is already tough; trying to make these three nuggets come together is even tougher. You cannot just simply make these nuggets come together so that you can easily remove them. You must first clear the blocks that separate them for them to come together, so there’s still randomness to them. It’s easy to get excited at the sight of the nuggets, but don’t let them throw you off your game.

Like any block-clearing game, Gold Rush induces a feeling of wanting to remove all the blocks to make the board the empty, sort of like an obsession. What makes Gold Rush different from other games that have the same goal, which is to clear blocks, is that it has a theme to it which can be identified just from the look of the board to the gold being cleared to the tools that can be used. Its theme is consistent with its features, and don’t we all love consistency?

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