Harvest Every Last Piece in Your Orange Ranch!

Harvest Every Last Piece in Your Orange Ranch!

Farming simulation games like Farmville and puzzle games like Candy Crush are some of the most addicting games. To some, though, they are just boring linear games that serve no other purpose than entertain people on their way to work. But for others, they are a source for strategizing and planning skills. Now, combine those two genres and you have yourself Orange Ranch.

Be the best orange farmer

Being a hybrid of two genres, Orange Ranch features two distinct gameplay mechanics from each one. The main task in the game is to harvest as many oranges as you can from your ranch. These oranges are displayed along the road for people to look into and ultimately buy. You can then use the money to buy more orange trees, which will obviously boost your orange harvesting prowess. There are three kinds of orange trees to choose from, each one of them produces a fixed number of oranges for every harvest.

You can also buy a better-looking stand to showcase your products, making them more attractive to buyers. If you’ve advance far enough into the game, fruit processing items will become available for purchase, such as an orange juice maker. These items will use up your stock of oranges but the products they will produce accounts for a higher amount of sales. That pretty much covers the farming simulation.

Shoot down those oranges

The puzzle side of the game comes in the form of the harvesting itself. You don’t simply buy trees and then wait for them to bear oranges for your safe picking. You have to manually get the oranges from your trees. The game presents the harvesting in the form of a match-a-set-of-3-to-erase puzzle game similar to Candy Crush. Or more accurately, the Bust-A-Move game from the original PlayStation days. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the game, though.

The “harvesting field” is filled out with balls of different colors, with the orange trapped between them. From below, you are armed with a single ball to fire off, with a new one replacing it every time. You have to fire the ball into the pile of balls above, targeting the ones with a similar color. If you hit two adjacent balls with the same color of the ball you fired, then they are taken out. If some balls that are coupled with them are left with nothing to latch onto after they are removed, then they also come crashing down. The ultimate goal is to free the trapped orange from the pile of multi-colored balls.

Once the orange is free, it signifies a successful harvest. You then move on to the next, much harder level. You can also unlock a targeting aid to help you in shooting, although it’s only available for limited use. The harvesting part of Orange Ranch may seem a bit tricky at first, but it’ll be where you’ll most likely get the most fun. Unless, of course, you like just staring at your orange stand and simply waiting for your buyers. Orange Ranch is the best of both worlds if you’re a fan of farming simulation and puzzle games. And the relaxing country music is also a definite big plus.

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