Hold My Hand, Friend… And Don’t Let Go!

Hold My Hand, Friend… And Don’t Let Go!

Hold My Hand, Friend is a very unique puzzle game with very distinguishable monster heads with hands. Winter is here and the cold it brings is no joke, so you better keep yourselves warm, and what better way to keep warm than to hold hands with your monster buddies. The game is composed of thirty levels, and to get through each level you must join the hands of the monster heads until no hand is left without anyone to hold. Each monster head doesn’t have any fixed number of hands that they have. All monster heads can either have a minimum of one hand and a maximum of four hands.

Keep holding on

In this game, each level will be played out in a random number. And the positioning of the hexagons where the monster heads are placed is also random. Each monster head can be placed in any hexagon on the screen. Some levels only have a few hexagons while others have many, and they also change in position for every level. To get through the levels, you must make the monster heads hold their hands with the others and not leave any hand empty. Monster heads with two or more hands can let all of their hands be held with only one more monster head, each hand must be holding a different monster head. For each level, there will be a rating for how well you did on the level. This rating can be seen as orange, pumpkin-like figures and for each move that you make, the bar decreases. The fewer moves you make, the better, so you better think before you make a move.

In some levels, there will be one or several mummy heads on the screen, these mummies cannot be moved so you must adjust the others to be able to hold the hands of the mummies.

Frozen hexagons

Because of the cold winter season, some hexagons in some levels may appear to be frozen. Because of this, monster heads cannot be placed in those hexagons, which can make some levels a bit more difficult to pass because of these frozen hexagons.

A cool new take on puzzle games

Hold My Hand, Friend has a whole new and unique take on your typical puzzle games. The idea of holding hands with your buddies in order to keep warm because of the cold winter season is somewhat very refreshing because you not only play a fun game that will test your thinking, but the concept behind the game is really cool as well. Plus, the simplicity of how the game is presented is very pleasing to the eyes as well, and the cute background music added to it while playing can make it much more addicting and you may find yourself bouncing along to the sounds instead of even playing the actual game. Of course, all puzzle games can really test your thinking and strategizing skills, especially if you aim to finish a level as quickly as you can and having the highest rating as well.

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