Hop Don’t Stop: Run Through Hypnotic Colors

Hop Don’t Stop: Run Through Hypnotic Colors

Take control of a restless blue bunny and hop your way through the most hypnotic sceneries in this endless runner. Collect gems along the way and run faster and faster until your eyes can no longer process all the colors. Hop Don’t Stop is not just your typical endless runner.

An endless runner at its core

Hop Don’t Stop’s gameplay is similar to all endless runners, where your character automatically runs and leaves you in control of only leaning left or right, jumping, and ducking. You can do so by either utilizing the keyboard’s arrow keys or using the mouse. The former is much easier, unless you’re used to playing endless runners on smartphones. Different from other endless runners, though, is that your position resets back to center right after you make one of those four aforementioned actions. For example, after leaning to the right, the bunny will be pulled back to the center as if he’s (or she?) on a rubber string, instead of staying on the right side. If you want to stay on that side, you have to repeatedly keep on triggering right. The same applies when jumping or ducking obstacles.

This rubber-like mechanic makes the game a bit more difficult than most endless runners, because you have to trigger the actions more often. And you have to time them right especially when making a sharp turn. This is even made more difficult when your bunny starts to gain more speed, which is triggered when collecting enough gems along the way (the speed boost is displayed on-screen). It’s not uncommon to simply rely on instinct and quick reflexes when the speed is making your eyes unable to keep track of your character.

The gems can also be used to upgrade a few things within the game, such as increasing the frequency of gems and the speed of the speed boost. More gems, however, means your speed boosts will arrive at much quicker intervals. So, if you want to just have a steady pace, then it is best not to put too much into your upgrades. But if you think you can handle it, by all means pump up those upgrades as much as possible.

The visuals and sound effects make the difference

As mentioned above, Hop Don’t Stop features hypnotic sceneries. Not in the sense that it features jaw-dropping graphics but with the colors that the game takes you into. At slower speeds, you’ll notice that there isn’t that much variety of colors. But once you go faster and faster, the colors start to mix into a dizzying abstract, punctuated by the special effect produced every time your speed is boosted. The colors can actually be quite distracting, so remember to always keep track of your blue bunny. The gems you collect don’t just differ in color. They also produce different sounds that collecting them in succession will make you think like you’re playing a xylophone or an organ, making the experience more immersive.

Being an endless runner, the game doesn’t really have any specific goals other than to wait for a game over, which can be achieved by either falling through gaps or crashing into obstacles. You can challenge yourself by trying to run at the highest speeds. Overall, Hop Don’t Stop is a simple endless runner at heart that makes things more interesting with its unusual controls and trippy colors.

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