Is Gaming Good or Bad for Your Relationship?

Is Gaming Good or Bad for Your Relationship?

Men and women both enjoy playing video games. It's not exclusively a male activity, although, there are more men gamers than women. It's been the reason many married couples divorce. While gaming itself might be the excuse given to failed marriages, it's often about more than that.

He Ignores Her
Let's assume that he plays video games and she doesn't. It's likely that she wants some attention from her husband or boyfriend while he is sitting in front of the console playing Halo or in front of the computer playing World of Warcraft. It's not the video gaming that's a problem, it's the lack of time together that can cause the rift in the relationship. We talked to the dating experts over at Datingpilot and here was what we found out:

Balancing Varied Interests
Whether the wife likes video games as much as her husband or not, there are times when she is off participating in one of her own interests. It's important for a couple to have interests outside of the relationship. If she doesn't have something that interests her, she can certainly find an activity. It's all about balance in the relationship.

Benefits of Gaming on a Relationship

Caring About His Interests
If she wants him to care and be engaged at the movies watching a movie clearly for her, she might want to take part in his world occasionally. When couples try to be open to each other's favorite activities, it should be appreciated.

Gaming can be Fun
Aside from the one-time purchase of the system and the game itself, it's a pretty cheap activity that will bring hours of enjoyment. When couples game together, they are spending time away from the television really engaged with each other. It can involve teamwork, and she might see some chivalrous moments when he mows down a zombie to save her life.

When It's Out of Control
There are certainly times when the gaming is out of control. A person can develop an addictive disorder to video games as well as any online gaming. This goes for either couple in the relationship. It's a problem when the gamer spends hours and hours playing while ignoring basic needs like eating and bathroom breaks.

Have a Conversation
Instead of waiting until someone is frustrated, it's best to have a conversation when the gaming spouse isn't in the game. If he's unwilling to talk or it leads to fights and anger, it might be time for professional help.

It's an Escape
Video games are often an escape from real-world problems. We all need that occasionally, but if it's used as a coping mechanism every time there's an issue, that can lead to more complex problems in the long run.

The State of the Relationship
Often, gaming is cited as the reason for a breakup when the relationship had more than one issue. It's an easy thing to blame when it's likely that one spouse feels ignored and the other one is unhappy. Gaming becomes a way to not deal with the relationship at all.

Gaming can be good for a relationship that is healthy. It leads to more time together enjoying each other's company. In a bad relationship, gaming is like the kiss of death. It could eventually lead to the dissolution of the marriage unless they can get help for the underlying issue.