It’s a Factory of Beetles in Clockwork Beetles!

It’s a Factory of Beetles in Clockwork Beetles!

It’s very common in puzzle games to have a gameplay which centers on matching three or more similar tiles to clear them off the field to rack up points. Sure, there are some games that include a few gimmicks or objectives, but they are generally the same in nature. So it really comes down to differentiating the many similar puzzles games by their aesthetics or theme. Some are themed around jewel hunting. Some are themed around harvesting fruits or vegetables. And it’s in that very area where Clockwork Beetles really stands out.

Welcome to a world of machines

Upon booting up the game, the main menu will immediately strike you that Clockwork Beetles isn’t just a poorly designed game. The developers put great effort into making the game’s theme stand out, which is centered on machineries. Even the graphics aren’t just the generic and cartoonish brand that usually accompanies browser games.

The main theme in the game is for you to repair mechanical beetles. Yes, beetles, as in those little bugs that populate gardens. The beetles start off as broken pieces displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen. In their mangled forms, they are barely recognizable. Aside from the beetles, the tiles in the playing field are populated with icons or designs that are also mechanical-looking, like cogs for example. The effort put forth into making the theme stand out makes the game more engaging, as it takes away the notion that it’s just a game for little kids. (Although playing with beetles might seem kind of a kid thing to do, unless it’s part of your profession.)

Fix as many beetles as you can

Clockwork Beetles does not have levels, achievements, or any other stuff that needs to be unlocked. The main goal in the game is to repair as many beetles as you can within the set amount of time, which, honestly, isn’t that much to begin with. To fix the beetles, all you have to do – you’ve guessed it – is to chain three or more tiles with similar designs or icons. You can chain as many tiles as you want regardless of position as long as they connect with each other. When the tiles are cleared from your chaining, new ones drop down. There are times where you will have to make do with just chaining short tiles in order to make room for a potentially long chain, although it can be risky since you don’t what type of new tiles will enter the field.

There is a bar located just below the playing field that indicates the progress of the beetle towards completion. The more tiles you chain, the faster the meter will fill up and the faster the beetle will be repaired. As soon as a beetle is repaired, a new broken beetle replaces it. So, as the subheading so obviously states, the goal is to fix as many beetles as you can. You can keep track of your High Scores if you want to continuously challenge yourself, or perhaps your friends. The lack of other content might seem like a low point, but Clockwork Beetles makes up for it in a big way with its gorgeously-themed aesthetics.

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