Jet-Speed Fun on the Run

Jet-Speed Fun on the Run

A deceptively easy side-scroll style game, Jetpack Master is far more than what it seems at a first glance. Behind the simple control and the colorful, pseudo-retro graphics, this is a fast-paced, challenging game that will surprise you play after play. Among similar games in the modern mobile gaming arena, this is a true standout.

The Gameplay:
Reminiscent of other games in its genre, Jetpack Master pulls few punches. In terms of actual game play, that is perfect. A simple tap (or click!) boosts our hero, Jeff Powers, off of the ground in his quest to avoid lasers, rockets, robots, and other obstacles. The goal? Make it as far as possible while you collect coins, burgers, and lucky clovers, and various other power-ups. This should seem like no problem to the experienced player of such games, but make no mistake: the stakes are high, and the situation can change before you know it. Even a momentary distraction can mean the end of Jeff's run.
Included alongside the main game is, as is common in this genre a spin-the-wheel mini-game. Spin tokens are collected during a run so that if and when Jeff meets his fate, you have the chance to spin for bonus coins, extra lives, and power-ups. Also present is, of course, the now standard in-game store where coins collected can be traded in for various useful, and nice-looking, upgrades to equipment.
This might all sound bog-standard, but once you settle in for a "quick game," you are bound to find yourself going on for ages, dodging danger and seeking after all the sweet, sweet prizes that your pack can carry you to. Jetpack Master is a game you turn to for a few minutes, only to find yourself pulled in by the surprising difficulty and intense excitement of play.

The Interface:
The keyword here is clean. Smooth lines, sweet animation, a generally uncluttered screen (until the obstacles are appearing thick and fast!) and colors that manage to convey a heavy action feel without going too dark make this game a pleasure to look at as much as to play. Visually, a player may be reminded of certain classic games of the late 16-bit console era, but with the improvements of modern programming. Basically, for all of its challenge, Jetpack Master can make the player feel right at home, and might even conjure up a nostalgic tingle or two for players of a certain generation.

The Final Word:
Jetpack Master is more than worth the time. It has the speed, thrill, and fun of the best modern mobile games, with a smooth, sharp, nostalgic look. Certain aspects will be familiar to even the most casual gamer, but that does not mean a lack of challenge or surprise. A perfect game for both spending a little downtime on a weekend afternoon, or for a late-night game break when you just want to get your pulse racing, this is a must-play for anyone who appreciates quality, excitement, fun, and a definite challenge that will keep you coming back for more.

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