Juicy Dash: Pump Out Fruit Shakes!

Juicy Dash: Pump Out Fruit Shakes!

Just by going with the game’s title, it’s easy to mistake Juicy Dash as an endless runner game that features, uh, running fruits or juices. Such a game would have been hilarious, though, but sadly, Juice Dash is nowhere near that type of game. The game is actually your typical tile-based puzzle game that’s best played while on the go or with nothing better to do.

All too familiar

Let’s just get this out of the way first: Juicy Dash plays out very, very similarly to puzzle games that require you to match three or more items with identical designs. This time, the items come in delicious fruits that are easily distinguishable either by their shapes or colors. So be careful if you’re one of those who really love fruits and are easily tempted to eat one. Yes, it’s easy to play the game with one hand only, but you wouldn’t risk having juices splattered on your device, would you?

However, unlike most games in the category, Juicy Dash does not have levels for you to freely choose from. Instead, the game plays in continuous rounds, so the only way for you to take a break is to, well, pause the game. Each round gives you a set number of points to reach. Once you reach that number, the game automatically and immediately takes you to the next round without so much as a break. And it also doesn’t help that each round is timed. The gameplay may be all too familiar, but the fast pace is clearly not. The change of pace is actually a welcome addition, if only to make the game a little bit different than other games of similar gameplay.

Special items to acquire

Matching four or five fruits will yield you special items that can be instantly activated by matching them with any adjacent fruit. For example, matching four fruits will give you a fruit juice that has the effect of instantly clearing out an entire line of fruits as soon as you use it. Another item that you can acquire is a clock item which obviously adds more time on the clock. These special items require you to carefully plan out your moves, because randomly matching the first combinations that you see will likely get you nowhere in the much higher rounds. And don’t be shy about using the special items as soon as they pop out. They don’t stack or anything, so be very generous about using them.

Fast-paced puzzle game

Due to the presence of a clock and the continuous flow of rounds, Juicy Dash offers a much more fast-paced gameplay than games with similar mechanics. Maybe that’s the real reason why there’s ‘dash’ in the game title, because playing the game can really feel like you’re in a mad dash towards higher rounds with no breaks in between (if you don’t count the pause option). And because of that, the game has a steep learning curve. But if you’re already familiar with similar games, then there shouldn’t be a problem adapting to Juicy Dash.

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