Key and Shield: Free Your Friends from Cages

Key and Shield: Free Your Friends from Cages

Key and Shield can easily be classified as a platformer; it even plays out very similarly to other mainstream platformers like Super Mario. The content of the game isn’t as expansive, though, which is only natural for a browser-type game. But if you’re simply looking to flex your skills in platformers, then this game will serve you well.

Round up your other round friends

The character you control in Key and Shield can simply be described as a golden cannonball that’s been given life, with accompanying limbs and other stuff that are typically present in living beings only (i.e. eyes, mouth, etc.). You are equipped with a blue shield and a key – no, that’s not the Kingdom Key from Kingdom Hearts. The main objective for your walking golden cannonball is to free your other similarly round friends that are caged and scattered around the map by some villain. (The game does not offer any background story, so we’re mainly guessing around.) To open cages, all you have to do is bump into them, no fancy animations or anything.

Equipped for adventure

The game gives you freedom to move around. If your shield is out, your movement speed slows down, so make sure that it’s withdrawn if you’re making a run for your life. Your shield also acts like a parachute of sorts. If you jump with your shield out, you will glide in the air. Physics dictate that having a shield while jumping is actually counterproductive but, hey, we’re talking about a game with a Pac-man lookalike here, so anything’s possible. Gliding allows you to gather coins that are scattered around the level (except for the first level). Your shield also acts as your protection (duh) against enemies that fire off projectiles. But don’t get cocky; it’s still better to avoid enemies as much as possible, no matter how cool it is to have your character with its shield out.

There are other objectives, too

As mentioned, the goal in the game is to free your equally round friends that are trapped in metal cages. Don’t ask why you somehow hold the universal key to all cages in the land, although the game’s picture-based intro might hold the explanation to that. However, there are also two optional objectives available to you starting from level 2. One is to collect all the coins in the level and the other is to also free your pet bat from its cage. Those three objectives basically represent the grade or rank you receive for each level. Completing all three objectives marks that level with a gold mark. It’s actually similar to a 3-star grading system commonly found in puzzle games.

As you progress through the game, the levels naturally become much more difficult to navigate. Obstacles like spikes on the ground start to pop up here and there; the coins and cages appear in hard-to-reach places; and the enemies become more dangerous, too. Key and Shield is a great platformer that will let you practice your timing skills while preparing for the next big installment in the Mario series, or other popular platformer franchises. The game doesn’t hold much content but it certainly has the charm.

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