Lectro: An Oddball Game

Lectro: An Oddball Game

Browser games are mainly tailored for burning time during boring days. Their gameplay is simplified to a point that you don’t really need much brain power to put a full grasp on the mechanics, unless it’s a puzzle game, of course. Their controls are also commonly relegated to simple taps or swipes on the screen. And most noticeably, they don’t offer much in terms of story or narrative. And then there are games like Lectro that gives simplicity a whole new meaning.

Overly simple yet overly addicting

The gameplay of Lectro is sort of like connecting the dots, but you can’t see the entire outline of the dots. Actually, you don’t see much of anything on your screen except for balls of different sizes and colors. There are always two balls in play; one is distinguished by a rotating arrow around it. The arrow itself is not just for identification purposes, however. The simple goal in the game is to connect the two balls together by tapping anywhere on the screen to fire off the ball with the rotating arrow – the arrow serves as your guide to the ball’s trajectory. If you miss the mark, it’s an instant game over.

The tricky part is when the target ball (the one without the rotating arrow) is in a much smaller size, making it very difficult to aim at. In those situations, you are more likely to depend on luck alone, unless you can really accurately and reliably aim. You may notice that some balls have a minus or negative symbol in them. Successfully connecting into these balls will make the arrow’s rotation speed much slower, so that’s a really big boost to your aiming. But if the ball with the symbol also came in a very small size, then you can consider yourself really unlucky. The game simply revolves around you connecting to as many balls as you can and nothing else.

Simplicity is oozing in the design, too

Lectro’s gameplay isn’t the only thing that’s designed with simplicity in mind. Even the game’s layout is screaming with simplicity. The ball designs don’t have any fancy marks or anything. They are simply plain-looking balls, although they do give you the sense that they are pulsing. (The balls may actually be electrons, which would also explain the negative symbols and the game’s title. Remove the first ‘e’ and the ‘n’ from ‘electron’.) And if somehow you’re still questioning the game’s simplicity, you only need to look at its incredibly bland white background. But don’t laugh at its lack of flair; it actually helps when you’re playing the game. If the background were in different colors, or designed with some flowers or something, it would have been confusing to the eyes to go through the game.

To top off the game’s simplicity, the game only features a traditional High Score system as its additional mechanic. There are no rewards to be had, no additional features to be unlocked, and certainly no other background designs for you to purchase to replace the default white. Lectro is a simple game through and through. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that the gameplay is a walk in the park, because it isn’t.

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