Let’s Go Crazy with Crazy Freekick!

Let’s Go Crazy with Crazy Freekick!

Are you an aspiring soccer player? Or are you just a fan of the game? Either way, Crazy Freekick is the right game for you! This game allows you to practice your ball-kicking, net-shooting skills (virtually, of course) in a quite different way than the usual soccer practice at school.

Let’s kick things up!

You start off by choosing a country with an avatar of a player. However, the choice of country will not affect the game. The only control for this game is the spacebar, which will be used to stop the moving arrow along the bars on the top and right side of the goal. It may look simple at first but once that arrow starts moving you must have quick reflexes in pressing the spacebar at the right time and at the right part of the bars or else you won’t be able to kick the ball inside the goal, and you’ll be hitting the cheering crowd at the back.

The arrow on the top bar moves first. After you stop it by pressing the spacebar, the arrow on the bar on the right side will immediately start to move. You need to stop that as well. After both arrows have stopped, the player will now kick the ball according to where the arrows stopped. The key is to stop the arrow while it is inside the “perimeter” of the net, but don’t stop it near the goalkeeper or else he will catch the ball, and you don’t score at all.


Once the ball goes into the net and past the helpless goalkeeper, you immediately score. You are given five tries or five balls each level. And for each level there are a specific number of balls that you need to score to be able to advance to the next level. The points you get are determined by how the ball is kicked towards the net, and is multiplied by the bonus meter which can be seen on the top-left corner of the screen. This bonus meter starts of at 1000 and will start to decrease once the game starts.

Guards galore!

Now, for some of the levels, there will be additional one or two guards (those unfair cheaters) on the field that will block the other areas of the net. This will then lessen the area over which you can kick the ball into and making it much more difficult to score.

Speeding things up

As you get farther and farther along the game, the arrow on the bars will start moving faster and this can be another factor in making the game more difficult. If you already have quick reflexes, then you will need even quicker reflexes to get it through the other levels.

Crazy Freekick is a game which may require a lot of practice for you to stop the arrows as quickly as possible and as accurate as possible for you to score, but as you get the hang of it, this game can be as fun as all the other games out there.

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