Mahjong Mania: Matchmaker of Tiles

Mahjong Mania: Matchmaker of Tiles

Mahjong is a game which originated in China, but some countries have their own version of the said game. This game is known for its distinctive tiles which have different Chinese characters engraved on each tile. People, especially those that are a fan of the actual game, will find that Mahjong Mania is vastly different from the mechanics that they are accustomed to.

Let’s start matchmaking!

In Mahjong Mania, the player must find matching pairs of tiles from the field in order to remove them. But, of course, it won’t be that easy. In order to remove the matching tiles, they must first be “free”. A free tile means that another tile must not be placed above or from one of the sides of the tile you wish to remove. If another tile is placed above or on the sides of the tile you want to remove, then you must first remove that tile in order to remove the other tiles. (That might seem confusing due to the overuse of the word ‘remove’, but it really is just a simple mechanic.) Not all tiles can be removed as easily as the others. Some can be removed from the beginning of the game while others might take a little time for you to be able to remove them.

This game offers three different modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each mode is composed of fifty levels that you need to complete. Also, in Mahjong Mania the player is allowed to undo a move if the player deems that it was a mistake. This undo mechanic is not the same for each mode, however. For the Easy mode, you will be given five chances; for the Medium mode, three chances are given; and the Hard mode does not even offer you any chances to undo a move (unsurprisingly).

They may be different, but they still match

In playing Mahjong Mania, not all tiles that look alike can be paired and removed. There are some tiles that match even though they don’t look the same. These tiles can be seen as tiles that have flowers or plants, or symbols of the four seasons on them instead of the regular tiles with bamboos, stones, or characters on them. At first it may seem tricky to find these special pairs of tiles, but as you keep on playing the game, you will be able to easily determine which tiles can be paired based on just looking at them.

Challenges ahead

In the game, you don’t just aim to finish each level. There’s a rating or ranking that will tell you how well you did in the game, or how fast you finished it. This serves as the game’s way of challenging you, aside from the given difficulty options. In Mahjong Mania, that ranking comes in the colors of Gold, Silver, and Bronze, which represents how fast you are able to complete each level. But getting Gold doesn’t mean that you will unlock another level, though; the ranking does not affect the level progression. It just means that you were able to complete the level in the fastest time possible. But seeing a lot of Gold is a lot better than a bunch of Silver or Bronze.

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