Make A Name for Yourself in Formula Fever!

Make A Name for Yourself in Formula Fever!

Racing games are not for everyone. They usually require very precise controls, especially the newer high-end games on consoles and the PC where the developers really focus on the physics aspect. The precision they require is one of the reasons racing gaming wheels are made because you can’t really immerse yourself simply using directional buttons on a controller. However, there are other games that don’t really require much precision driving control, like the Twisted Metal games. Formula Fever, despite the ‘formula’ in its title that will get you to immediately think of F1, is a game that falls in that category.

Racing and collecting stuff

Formula Fever places you behind the wheel of miniature formula car. The game is also played in a professional-looking racetrack, so it’s easy to assume that the game is primarily a racing game where your main goal is to always finish first. That’s not entirely the case in this game, however. Yes, your main goal is still to finish first because that rewards you with the most number of coins after the race. But you’ll immediately notice that the racetracks are also littered with coins. So, during a race, you have three options: exclusively go for a first-place finish, focus on simply collecting all coins, or both. The last of which is fairly hard to accomplish, especially because the controls are simply relegated to turning left or right (no brakes). And your car doesn’t exactly do it in a very graceful way, making it look more like a go-kart instead of a formula car.

Lots of stuff to buy

The coins you collect and/or earn can be used to buy different cars, with each car possessing different speeds depending on the price tag. Similarly, racetracks can also be unlocked using the coins, and there are far more racetracks to unlock than cars – 11 to be exact. The racetracks are naturally more expensive because the common sense is that land is more valuable than cars. But the higher-level racetracks offer more coins as a reward, so it’s up to you what you will prioritize. Whenever your coins are nearing a point where they can be used to unlock something, the game will give you a heads-up, sort of like an advertisement or an invite to spend on something.

Half-F1, half go-kart

Playing against the A.I. can get real boring fast. So if you want to challenge yourself, you only need to look at the High Score boards, which are separated per racetrack. You have the option to change your user name and the country you represent at the car selection screen to make your record more personal.

Formula Fever really does not come out as a professional-looking racing game. And one immediate proof of that are the obstacles present in the racetrack, like a slippery or watery area. You also have the option to “stun” other cars to momentarily disable them by bumping their rear ends. Such things are never going to be present in primarily racing games, so it’s safe to say that Formula Fever is really a hybrid.

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