Make Your Statement in Fashion!

Make Your Statement in Fashion!

The fashion industry is one of the more complex industries. Styles are practically changing every day, which places the industry in constant motion. A fabulous clothing one day can be seen as trash the next day, so you can cut fashion designers some slack if sometimes they go way overboard with their designs. Fashion Yo!! is a game that will not place you in a simulation of the fashion industry, at least when it comes to the designing part. The game simply revolves around you as the buyer or consumer. So if you love to dress up or splurge on clothing at shopping malls, you will feel right at home in this game.

Let’s go shopping!

Fashion Yo!! starts off with you selecting your mannequin to dress up. You can choose a male or female. There are other mannequin designs to choose from, but you need to unlock them first. But if you only care about the clothing and not the wearer, then just make do with the default one.

Your mannequin is almost naked from the start and your primary goal in the game is to buy as many clothes as you can to outfit your mannequin. So, basically, you’re trying to load up your clothing cabinet. Having more clothes to choose from gives you more options to be creative with your clothing combinations. There is a lot of clothing to shop for, which are categorized according to their type or which body part they fit into. At the start, you are only capable of buying one or two items because the price tags can be quite outrageous, similar to real-world clothing. Of course, the game gives you the advantage of quickly and easily earning money for your clothing needs. You can do so by participating in mini-games. Additionally, buying more clothes will net you bonus stuff from the Achievements feature. So, you get to spend and be rewarded at the same time.

Mini-games = money to spend

There are five mini-games in the game, with only one of them available from the start. To unlock the others, you must meet their requirements, which are listed in the Achievements. The mini-games are at the back end of the list, so you will be seeing the default mini-game for quite a while. In the default mini-game, you will be required to match the pictured mannequins’ clothing by toggling around the items and selecting the items that mirror the mannequin’s outfit. The reward is a bit small but once you get the hang of it, earning money can become a breeze. Of course, the other mini-games offer more reward.

Fashion Yo!! offers a lot of playing time if you have the patience to unlock everything. The layout can be a bit bland as time goes on, but you can remedy that by also buying a different wall design to have a sort of change of scenery. And having the different mini-games essentially turns the game into five different games, like a 5-in-1 package (6 if you include the base game). So if dressing up is not really your thing, then perhaps the mini-games will serve you well during your bored hours.

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