Movie Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Movies

Movie Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Movies

The game is a guessing game of movies, if the title ‘Movie Quiz’ wasn’t a dead giveaway to you. It is a relaxing, fun and memorable game, all rolled into one. Let us explain the mechanics later.

The relaxing overall look

First of all, the basic layout of the game is kind to the eyes. The tint of the color of the background is light. Besides, the layout is uncomplicated, since there are no pictures or designs that gets the player distracted and makes focusing easier. Because of these, the game makes one want to go on and on because the eyes feel relaxed. It combines relaxation physically and stress releasing as one gets more and more involved. Secondly, the game invites all members of the family together. The more representation by age, the better, as the questions range from identifying movies representing action to drama, comedy to scary, simple to mentally challenging. What is easy to the teen member can be difficult to the father or mother and vice versa. In a sense, the game is something to look forward to by the family members as a family bonding or cohesion experience.

Thirdly, the game can be customized to the setting. For example, using a big screen (with a projector perhaps?), the game can be used as an entertainment for, let us say, party-goers. It invites participation and eliminates boredom or isolation one may experience in parties or other social events.

Very simple objective

The objective of the game is to identify the titles of the movies pictured. The game has progressive or advancing levels. Of course, first level set of questions are the easy ones and as one gets to proceed, the questions become harder. Harder means the movie title gets longer and longer. The game first shows a picture, usually the film’s official. Then below it is a set of empty boxes where one types in the title. Then below it again is a set of boxes showing jumbled letters that serve to guide the player/s into getting the correct answer.

The number of letters in the boxes is not more or less than the movie title, that is, it is exactly the title of the movie scrambled up. The player, or clicker if there are players cuddled up together playing it, either click the letter found in the box of mixed up letters or simply type in the selected letter. If one has difficulty, one just has to click the “Joker” box located below to get a few hints on the correct answer. The hint is that one box gets to be filled by one correct letter. If the player still finds difficulty, the “Joker” box can be clicked again for an additional tip.

Provokes others to join in, too

Clicking the boxes, of course, has an accompanying sound. The sound is so simple in contrast to a happy feeling when one gets the right answer. And to further make the player/s happy and proceed with enjoyment, excitement and fulfillment, a correct answer even comes with a congratulatory remark. The player, hence, is motivated. With motivation comes generosity to invite other players to join the game of memory strengthening, alertness sharpening and family or group bonding.

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