Multisquare: Every Block Counts

Multisquare: Every Block Counts

Multisquare is a puzzle game played on a grid wherein you need to match and combine at least three blocks of the same color in order to remove them from the grid. Players who are familiar with the game 1010! will immediately recognize the similarity of the two games in the gameplay. Though both games are similar in gameplay, there are still some differences. In Multisquare, the blocks can appear in combinations of colors. This is not the same with 1010! which only had one color for each block or groups of blocks.

Blocks of the same color, stay together

In Multisquare, you are given a 9x9 grid wherein you will place the blocks. The blocks you will use are placed below the grid in groups of three, new blocks will appear below once you have used all the blocks given. In order to get points in the game, you must be able to place at least three blocks of the same color side by side in a horizontal or vertical position. You will get points based on the number of blocks you matched. The more blocks, the greater the points. It’s just your typical points-based objective found in other puzzle games.

There is no time limit in this game, so no need to rush in playing the game. But you need to be careful in placing your blocks because there is no undo button in this game and one wrong placing of the block might cause a space to be unnecessarily occupied which can throw off your strategy. The game is over once you cannot place any more additional matching blocks. But even though the grid is almost full, if there are still blocks you can use, it is up to you how you will place those blocks on the grid in order to remove them and get some points. That will require you to cook up different ways to fully utilize what you have left.

Crazy for puzzles

If you love puzzles and bored with nothing to do during the day, Multisquare is one of those games where you admittedly can’t get enough of even if the difficulty is starting to get up your nerves. The high scores ultimately serve as motivation, no matter how unrewarding they actually are. There’s a certain level of pride we take in accomplishing simple things like beating high scores, which is the draw of puzzle games.

Though Multisquare might look just like a plain, old, simple puzzle game, it still brings that challenge that all puzzle games have, which is to test your thinking skills. It can really be addictive once you start playing the game, because all you want to do is match those blocks, get some points, and beat your own high score. The game is a perfect companion when out on a bus ride, or any other public transport, going to your daily appointment. It might be shallow but it does serve its purpose of providing temporary entertainment. Just be mindful of your surroundings when playing, though.

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