Penguins Don’t Fly But They Sure Can Skip!

Penguins Don’t Fly But They Sure Can Skip!

Penguins are known for inhabiting the cold regions of Earth: the Antarctic. They are not flying birds but are great swimmers and love to catch fish. But have you ever wondered what penguins do in their free time? Well, apparently these cute black and white creatures love to skip around. Skip between icebergs and collect fish, to be exact. At least that’s what this game says anyway. But be warned: The penguins can be distracting due to their cuteness, so be sure to keep your focus on the gameplay.

Left, Right, Left!

No, this is not a marching band. In Penguin Skip, all you need are the left and right arrow keys to guide the penguin to the iceberg it’s going to skip to. The gameplay may look simple but you also need the right timing when triggering the keys because acting too fast can lead to either another iceberg or into the freezing water. But pressing too slow can end the game quickly: If the penguin reaches the bottom of the screen, then it’s a quick game over.

Something’s fishy…

Penguin Skip is scored based on the number of icebergs in which you skip onto. Each iceberg you skip to equals to one point. Now, along the way you’ll spot fishes which you can grab (most likely for consumption purposes). They are equivalent to ten points which will be added to your score. These fishes appear at random times so you don’t have to memorize where the next fish is going to be. But the bigger question is: Why in heaven’s name are the fishes on the iceberg and not in the waters? Well, at least having them ready for scooping up is better than still having to catch them.

Dress me up!

Penguins are cute enough in their naked glory, but apparently the game’s developers thought they weren’t cute enough that way. This explains the addition of the accessories that the penguins can wear in the game. These accessories can be received randomly from gift boxes by scoring one hundred, two hundred fifty, or five hundred points. Some of these accessories include a poncho, a cowboy hat, a fish necklace, a scarf – all of which you can get randomly from each box after the game ends. And you can put these accessories on the penguin before another game begins, to make your game cuter.

Simple but addicting
Penguin Skip is just a simple game with easy controls and with a simple gameplay, but these kinds of games are sometimes the most addicting ones due to their repetitive nature (yes, repetitive gameplay can sometimes be a positive, too). The simple aesthetics with just the water and the icebergs, and the cute baby penguin skipping between them whilst collecting fishes, is somewhat appealing in a way that places you in a lighthearted mood. And the background music is also catchy enough that you might find yourself humming along to it (no harm in that). Of course, the main draw is the cute penguins because you can never have enough of cuteness in this world.

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