Pets Need Love, Even If They Are Monsters

Pets Need Love, Even If They Are Monsters

Do you remember the Tamagotchi? No? How about the PlayStation game Digimon World? Still too young to have played it? That’s alright if you’re not familiar with either of the two, nobody’s keeping tabs. But just in case you are familiar with either or both of them, then the gameplay of Monster Pet might be easy for you to grasp.

Monitor all the parameters

Monster Pet starts off with you selecting a monster of your choice. But, really, it just comes down whether you want a male or female monster. So, sadly, you don’t have a lot of options on which cute monster to own. The gameplay simply revolves around you taking care and spoiling your monster pet. And that’s not as easy as it sounds. Your monster has six different parameters that can be simply classified into two categories: health and hygiene. To keep your monster happy (and alive), you have to make sure that all parameters are always in green. You can see your monster’s happiness level by the yellow bubble icon hovering above its head.

Taking Care of Your Monster 101

You can take your monster to different parts of the house, which can be simply toggled left or right. You can do different activities depending on which part of the house you are in. For example, if you go to the bathroom, you can bathe your monster. If you go to the kitchen, you can feed your monster. So they are not simply a change of scenery.

But how exactly do you keep those parameters in green? Well, it mainly involves using items that are bought from the shop. The three categories of items in the game are: food, medicine, and bath items (soap and shampoo). Also, there’s another shop that sells clothes and other aesthetics for your monster. When your monster is in need of the items, you can simply drag the item towards your monster – soaps require you to “scrub” your monster. Some activities, like putting your monster to sleep, do not require items. Also take note that you have zero items to use in the beginning. And you are only given $50 dollars to start with. So, what now?

It’s not cheap to own a pet

In order to earn money to shower your monster with all the love it needs, you have to take part in a mini-game, which can be accessed by taking your monster to the backyard screen (the one with the fences). The mini-game is simple enough. On the bottom screen is a star icon surrounded by icons of four other items. Items that correspond to those four items will begin to drop from above and it’s your job to drag the corresponding item icon from the bottom screen into the star as it reaches it. It’s kind of similar to Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution.

If one of the items that drop from above pass by the star without you dragging the corresponding item in time, then it’s a game over. But you do keep the money you earned for the times you managed to correctly match the items. You also earn money for meeting some of the Achievements in the game. When you’ve earned enough, it’s up to you which items to prioritize to buy, depending on the need of your monster. And that’s all there is to Monster Pet. It’s basically just like taking of yourself in real life: You earn money to buy essentials that keep you alive.

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