PIN Cracker: Practice Your Lock-breaking Skills!

PIN Cracker: Practice Your Lock-breaking Skills!

We frequently see spies and secret agents in movies or TV shows bust open heavily guarded doors. Aside from using firearms, they mostly do it by correctly guessing the combination of a number-coded lock. In some occasions, they are portrayed using advanced scanners to see which numbers were frequently pressed and then it’s up to them to guess the proper sequence. And in some occasions, they simply make use of the information they have about the owner of the vault or building door to guess which number he or she uses as a combination (hint: dates). Too bad, though, that you can’t apply the same tricks in PIN Cracker.

Just like in real life (sort of)

The gameplay of PIN Cracker is simple enough. All you have to do is to guess the four-number combination and that’s it. No levels, no achievements, no extra stuff. It’s just a straight up number combination guessing game. However, the guessing part is where you will find the challenge (obviously).

You are given only five chances to correctly guess the combination. So you can’t simply randomly enter numbers in quick succession. It’s similar to when unlocking your phone: You are given only a set amount of tries before your phone activates a second layer of security to prevent unwanted people from accessing it. Besides the limited number of tries, the game also has a timer, which gives you the thrill that you’re going to get caught if you don’t break the code in time.

Small margin for error

To help you with the guessing, the game notifies you whether the numbers you entered are either correct AND in the correct position or correct but in the wrong position. The numbers are marked green for the former and yellow for the latter. If it doesn’t fall in either category, then it has a grey mark. There is a panel that will show you the previous combinations that you tried, including their color markings, so at least you know which combinations you should refrain from entering again. The game gives you a bit of margin for error and it’s up to you to efficiently make use of it to your advantage, however small it may be.

Useful for real-situations

PIN Cracker has a points system, too, but it doesn’t really have any use other than to track points (no surprise in that). You net more points if you correctly guess the combination with less tries and in a small amount of time. Although extremely difficult, you can actually guess the correct combination in one try. But don’t waste too much time trying to make up combinations in your head and just try to enter a combination or two first before doing all the analyzing.

If you’re one of those who frequently forget number-based passwords to unlock your phone or PIN codes to access classified settings in a device, PIN Cracker is a great game to practice your code-breaking skills. It helps minimize the chances of you running off to the nearest support center to have your poor phone or device unlocked. It saves you a bit of money, too.

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