Pirates of Islets: Hop and Drop to Gold Coins Paradise

Pirates of Islets: Hop and Drop to Gold Coins Paradise

Sometimes, the pirate life doesn’t necessarily come with awesome ships and one-legged crew members. As Pirates of Islets can prove to you, shiny gold coins and treasure chests are all you need to feel like you’re in an adventure in the seven seas!

Part platformer, part puzzle

Pirates of Islets is like a combination of a platformer and a puzzle game. And it does a great job of combining the gameplay mechanics of each genre. For the platformer side, well, there is no actual flat plane present in the game. In its place are barrel-like things. Your goal is to hop from islet to islet using those while grabbing whatever goodies in front of you. If you fall short of them, you go straight to the water, signaling a Game Over. The goodies can come in, as mentioned before, gold coins and treasure chests – which contain more gold coins – but there are also other items as well. You are given 60 seconds to collect as many gold coins as you can. Oh, and there are also bombs along the way that, when touched, deducts precious seconds from the timer.

The other items mentioned can come in the form of shields that makes you immune from bombs for a short while; magnets that automatically draws the gold coins to you; or simply clock items that gives you more time on the clock. Everything sounds simple enough, right? Well, that’s where the puzzle side of things comes in.

The barrel-like things? Well, they’re not exactly stationary, in a sense. They’re actually rotating. So, you can’t just simply hop over as fast as you can which, by the way, is controlled either by tapping the screen or by use of the space bar. You have to wait for your pirate to be in proper position before hopping or jumping. And your jump angle is also dictated by your position. It can get quite tricky when trying to collect gold coins and avoid bombs at the same time. Don’t worry, though, there’s an indicator above your pirate’s head that shows the trajectory of your jump. You can also perform double jumps, in case your initial jump falls short.

Lots of additional content

Pirates of Islets does not simply revolve on just collecting gold coins: There are numerous content to make the game more fun and engaging. First, the purchasable items. Using your gold coins, you can buy some items to help you in your islet-hopping such as a “Tailwind”, which speeds up the rotation, and a “Resurrection” bottle, which revives your character if you dive into the water. If you think the default map is getting boring, you can also buy a new one to replace it. And the map isn’t just for looks: It also comes with additional time. So that means more gold coins for you!

Second, there are also milestones in the game that gives you bonus gold coins when the conditions are met, like collecting 40 gold coins with a magnet or doing 50 double jumps. And before you ask: Yes, you also have the option to change your pirate character, but only after unlocking them. The additional pirates also come with advantages, like for example the female pirate automatically speeds up the rotation. All in all, Pirates of the Islets is an immersive game that can literally leave you dizzy while collecting gold coins.

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