Practice Your Fruit Slicing Skills in Katana Fruits

Practice Your Fruit Slicing Skills in Katana Fruits

Don’t be fooled by the game’s title; it’s not about fruits wielding katanas to take on an army of farmers. Nor is it a game about katana-shaped fruits. Katana Fruits is a game that is very similar to the more popular Fruit Ninja, minus the in-game store and other micro-transactions. It’s more focused on simply slicing and dicing the fruits, which makes it a perfect alternative for those who don’t want to bother with Fruit Ninja’s additional gameplay features.

Slice and dice until your fingers go numb

The core gameplay of Katana Fruits simply revolves around you swiping at the screen in order to slice up every fruit that inexplicably jumps out from the bottom like they are being thrown around and you must do so before they return back down. Basically, your finger is the katana and there are two ways in which you can utilize your “katana”. First is by simply swiping at the screen repeatedly. The second is by holding down your swipe and then dragging it towards the next fruit that appears. Each style has its pros and cons, so it’s only a matter of preference. But it usually comes down to whether you are too lazy to continuously lift your finger from the screen.

The fruits vary in sizes, with the larger ones netting you a smaller amount of points compared to the smaller and more difficult ones to hit. Unsurprisingly, melons are the largest fruits in the game, which gives you a measly 10 points; other fruits range from 20 to 40 points. There is no time limit in the game, so you can theoretically slice as many fruits as your finger can handle.

Things to watch out for

Katana Fruits has two gameplay elements that will hinder you from slicing as many fruits to your heart’s desire. The first one is explicitly stated to you at the beginning: bombs. Bombs will randomly pop up in place of the fruits and if you hit them it’s an instant game over. They come with no warning whatsoever, so it’s easy to mistakenly strike them. The good news is that they pop up in the same speed as the fruits, so it’s not like you’re going to be taken by surprise. It’s up to your reflexes to react accordingly.

The second is not really explained. You’ll notice that if you didn’t slice a fruit before it comes back down, a ‘MISS’ text will appear. You are only allowed to miss the fruits for a grand total of two times. A game over will result once you commit a third.

As you rack up more points, the difficulty will go higher. The difficulty spike results in more fruits and/or bombs coming up simultaneously, which will definitely result in your confusion. It’s during these times that you must be extra careful with every swipe. So, you might want to tone down on your aggressive style when the difficulty goes up. Katana Fruits does not really possess a clear-cut goal other than beating out your best score. But overall, it’s a nice game if you’re simply looking to play out your boredom without any other complicated gameplay mechanics.

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